Kimera Mendax : Vol 1 System – Review

Published on Nov 30, 2017

One year from the publication of the first chapter, the collective Kuro Jam back to tell us (with talent), the future of Kimera Mendax

Composed of five would-be artists (as they describe themselves on their page Facebook), the collective Kuro Jam, after having given us a first glimpse of their art with Nigredo, expands the project of Kimera Mendax, integrating it into a graphic story presented in Lucca 2017.

Posted by ManFont , the first volume in the System fuses the classical influences of the culture of cyberpunk, with the most modern fears about the use of technologies which threaten the very essence of our individuality and freedom.

For the foreseeable future. Humanity has chosen to emerge with appendices robotics, integrating in itself the new technologies of communication and entertainment. No more politics or religion: to rule a society that is docile and functional, we think the bio-system of operating the “KX”. Gradually losing contact with herself, addicted to the future, people live in morbid anticipation of the new “release”, in the illusion of progressive completeness and happiness. Is imminent the adjournment of the last, mysterious version of the software, the one that will complete the process of invisible and irreversible tecnodittatura in the act. On the eve of the event, you multiply strange cases of disappearances and disconnections. Someone swears to have seen around men mutilated.”

In the retelling of the stories of the protagonists of Kimera Mendax, Gianluca Pernafelli, which takes care of the texts of this first volume, takes us with a direct style and dry, even if sometimes a bit cryptic, in a long and chaotic awakening from one of the most ancient and persuasive illusions that has always fascinated and captured the human being: the ability to live a happy life, without conflict, in a society in perfect harmony. An illusion for which we are ready to sacrifice ourselves.

I was waiving to me in exchange for what? Illusions false that we call well-being, security, accomplishment, freedom. But there is freedom where there is no more man? There is the man, wiping the death from his horizon?

As I said earlier, Kimera Mendax are many and valuable references to the culture of the cyberpunk of the ’80s and ’90s, in which the player is more mature may find the references to family members who give credibility and depth to the story.

At the same time, the talented artists of the collective Kuro Jam have managed to create a product attractive also for a younger audience, opening a window on that world, so dear to William Gibson, and that (finally) seems to return to a new life.

In fact, classical elements such as the contamination of man and machine or the fear of a technocracy dominant blend in Kimera Mendax with original elements, such as the location in Rome of the history, or the fears and phobias that are typical of our contemporanetà.

The indiscriminate use and criminal of technologies, even seemingly beneficial, in order to gain power and control over another, or the smateralizzazione of their individuality in a society which is strongly focused on the exposure and social sharing, they become distinctive traits of reality brought to life by the collective Kuro Jam, where anyone who chases the dream of a lifetime “analog”, disconnected from the prevailing digitization is seen as a terrorist.

Another distinctive element and a Chimera Mendax is definitely the component graphics.

In its 53 pages, all entirely in color, alternate the hands of the other members of the collective, Mattia De Iulis, Giulia D'ottavi, Stefano Garau and Enrico Carnival, which cleverly animate the story.

The stretch always clear and decisive, sometimes even iperealistico, views of modern Rome, but always the old, combines with a choice of color palette canganti that gives the reader the impression that accompany the characters through their journey between reality and illusion digital.

In conclusion, the first volume of Kimera Mendax is a work interesting from the classical references and modern flavor that blend into a setting of the original and with a good potential for development.In fact, if many are the positive elements of this volume, remains at the end of reading the senasazione of a story is just the beginning, the development of which remains, for now, still compressed, and in many aspects just mentioned.

There remains, therefore, that to encourage the collective Kuro Jam to continue the good work already done, waiting for (hopefully soon) the second volume of Kimera Mendax.

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