Kim Kardashian talks about the fight with Kourtney on TV


Published on Dec 17, 2019


Photo: @ Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

In the past few days the news of the fistfight between Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney has made the rounds of the web. The two sisters battled hard as a cause of discontent arose on the set of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“, a reality show based on their private life, which has been going now for 18 seasons.

The largest of the daughters of Kris Jenner would be called the stove of being constantly in front of the camera, the opinion completely opposite to that of the workaholic lady of the West, who continues to be strongly interested in the show.

“Between me and Kourtney all is well. We were just in Japan together, we took the time to listen to one another. Is it bad to think that soon will be released the season 18 and that you will see things get worse more and more before coming to a improvement. She and I, however, we have clarified everything, and we come to the point of understand each other.”

These are the words of Kimmy during the interview he granted to Ellen DeGeneres that will air this evening.

“With Kourtney love the show, but would like to be able to film only when he wants to. The fact is that if a family member goes on vacation or takes a lot of free time, all the others are forced to work more to cover those hours of absence. Then during the last year, me and Khloe we worked very hard because we needed content for the program. So now we find ourselves to be very tired, because we worked a lot and then there are the kids, other work projects. It was really grueling for us, and Kourtney has not taken account of all this, she procrastinated without deciding whether or not to remain in the show. We, however, couldn't remain in this limbo so we came to the conclusion that will shoot for less... will always Remain in the cast, but will shoot for less, while still respecting the spaces of others. If someone no longer wants to be in the reality can always take a break and live his life.”

To see in TV and the quarrel between the two sisters will have to wait a little bit more in the States has just aired the last episode of the 17th season of “keeping up with the Kardashian“, but it will be next spring before being passed on the 18th.




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