Kick, score means...

Published on Jan 14, 2016

I go back to the match, though late. I go back to the apology for that goal scored on a penalty at the San Paolo, and to the reaction of the fans of the Bull who, rightly imbufaliti, three days after they have in some way prevented from going on the field (“you closed!”). In other words, the invitation to reflect anew on the duty of the players to observe the present more than the past, because today the past is very different from that of twenty, thirty years ago: each athlete has more than one, now, sometimes even eight, ten.
The football – those who govern and those who practice it – has an idea, distorted, ambiguous concept of respect, and often suppresses the enthusiasm and joy, considering them to be forms of provocation, insults to the opponent, fire off in the bud.
But football has always been and must return to being joy. I'm not saying that the federation should impose players to rejoice for a network, what is the most healthy, but it sure can invite the society to raise the awareness of members asking them to give priority to the relationship with the sport and the cheers reference. The passion is sharing and those who do not share it outside.
Sure, a strike is a case in hand: this is the neapolitan, a former and a fan of Naples, and it is equally true that his relatives live a few miles from St. Paul: but today, his jersey is garnet, not blue. The fans of Napoli after a few whistle and insult, they would have also understood: they are devoted to other idols, now.
The soccer fields are frequented by models and imitators, the emulation is the order of the day: it is time to limit the emulation favoring naturalness and instinct. Mark means never having to say I'm sorry.


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