Kick from Oscar in the challenge of the cancellations

Published on Feb 14, 2016

“Game strange” I answered verbatim Saturday afternoon to George Friend, of the name and also the fact (on Facebook), asking me a bet: “it ends up 0-0 or 1-0, but I don't know who.” Bingo-or almost.

And strange it was seriously: tactics, tatticissima, a challenge of cancellations. Cheerful, without Chiellini or Caceres, with a 4-4-2 which required Lichtsteiner and Evra not to go up never to reduce – in the intentions – the raids of the Famous and Ghoulam from a part and Callejòn and Hysaj from the other; Sarri with the design and the men of the time, but with a request of attention that has come to cancel the push the offensive of its own, goodbye madness.

Juve and Napoli have met first-even offended. Two beautiful teams for a game born dead and found only in the final minutes, a sudden ignition. And an absolute protagonist: Andrea Barzagli. The Journal gave the 7.5, I would have pushed it up to 10. Barza has been monumental, physical and solid on a Higuaìn condemned to isolation, tactician and leader when he had to replace in the tasks after the Break.

Barzagli is the essence of the defence of the samples, the irreplaceable replaced (only when injured). In Turin and with the years and the accomplishments he has acquired an extraordinary self-awareness. It goes for the 35 and 8 years ago had almost been abandoned by our football and delivered at Wolfsburg, despite Delneri, the coach who had taught him to defend autonomy, to continue to repeat that it was the best middle English.


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