Kick-Ass: here is the protagonist of the new series Image Comics

Published on Nov 16, 2017

It's called Patience Lee, is the new protagonist of the comics series Kick-Ass work of Mark Millar

Hello, hello Dave! Welcome Patience!

It was recently announced that the new Kick-Ass will be Patience Lee, a veteran military african-american, thirty-year-old mother of two children who lives in New Mexico and is the protagonist of the next run of the famous comic book series written by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr.

As explained by Millar, who a few days ago had announced the news about it (related to this announcement?), the project was alive in him for a long time:

This is a character completely new.I've always wanted to do something similar to what happens in Doctor Who, or Flash, create a kind of hero that is passed from character to character.

Kick-Ass is perfect for this purpose. I guess I haven't ever created a better character. I love the heroic mothers. I already have Empress and the do it again here.

The idea is that Kick-Ass would inspire other people to do what he did, simply wearing a costume and cleaning up the neighborhood, and this is what's happening here.

I wanted to shake a bit the setting and move the whole thing in New Mexico. The protagonist is a woman this time, a mother, about thirty years old with two small children who is also a veterinarian in the military returned home to find his life in a completely different context from when he left to go to Afghanistan, then the real dynamic of the book is very different, but at the same time the taste is the same.

The comic will be published by Image Comics, a new publishing house choice by Millar for Kick-Ass and, since this story is born out of the recent agreement with Netflix, not be under the property of Millarwolrd and the giant stream.

The first issue of the new series of Kick-Ass will debut in the USA on February 14, 2018.

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Source: EW

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