Khalil Rafati from drug addict to successful businessman: "That juice has saved me life"


Published on Oct 25, 2016


Win personal demons, to overcome years of abuse and regain control of their lives. Not always the stories of the drug have a happy ending, but that of Khalil Rafati ec ', and has the appearance of a "juice".

Khalil has 46 years old, lives in Malibu and is the co-owner of one of the bars the most healthy and glamorous throughout the city. Her, to see her now, it seems like a perfect life: the sun, success, good health. What makes his story unique, is a detail: Khalil should be dead.

Twice, Khalil has a close brush with death in 2001 to a party in Malibu going up in heroin overdose and in 2002 when he was shot through the bathroom door of a bar that was closed for drugs.

In his book, "I forgot to die", I forgot to die, the man recounts his life, from childhood to Toledo marked by sexual abuse, problems with the law, to adulthood, where the dissatisfaction with the work and the conditions of life have found vent in the use of drugs. First marijuana, then cocaine, finally heroin, the drug of which is almost dead.

The New York Times, who has told his story, he writes that "after countless attempts to stay sober, Rafati is detoxified permanently in June 2008. 'I touched the bottom of the bottom - says - couldn't even be more digging. all of my blades were broken. I was finished'".

Khalil took his detox with a seriousness and dedication, similar to the one he had for narcotics. After being introduced by a friend to a healthy diet, in 2007 he decided to create the juice himself, during his detoxification at the Riviera Recovery. Right there, invented the smoothie that would have opened the way to its rebirth: the "Wolverine". A mix of dates and banana with maca, bee pollen and royal jelly.

"It was designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the patient - says the journalist of the New York Times - and to give them the necessary strength to detox. Be lethargic during the early stages of sobriety is an experience rather brutal, especially if you're coming out for a long period of taking drugs to 'hard-core' ".

First of all there was the Wolverine, and then slowly Khalil has increased the number and variety of juices which are offered to those who, like him, he was trying to detoxify. The rumor quickly spread, and more and more people wanted to taste the juices that are fabulous to Rafati.
Although feeling at times embarrassed by the turnout of people outside of the recovery program, Khalil felt that they are doing something good: the patients of the recovery seemed to improve for real, also thanks to his work.

In that moment, he realized that it was time to expand his production, and bring it to the next level. With the help of its legal counsel, a friend, the gambler and the then girlfriend, gave way to his dream: to open a bar, the Sun Life. Obtained a loan, he opened his first store, which is now one of the bars most popular of Malibu. Among the regular customers there are, in fact, Elizabeth Taylor, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis, and Jeff Bridges. Khalil did not allow his entrepreneurial spirit to overshadow the reasons that led him to start his company, and they show it by hiring ex-toxic.The slogan of the shop is 'love, heal and inspire', he loves to heal and be a source of inspiration.

The SunLife Organics is now a real brand, which sells t-shirts, bags, accessories, along with 32 different types of juices, drinks, protein, rolled, coffee, frozen yogurt, and breakfast pre packed.

The cultural background of Khalil, with roots in christian, muslim and jewish, giving rise to a spirituality that is only, consolation for those who tries to get back on the path to good health and for those who simply want to drink something fresh and nutritious to the end of his walk. Anyone who has need to heal.




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