Kevin Spacey returns to Rome to recite a poem


Published on Aug 05, 2019


Spacey has recited a poem by Gabriele Tinti, The boxer at rest. It is not clear what the Film hoped to achieve with the feat. The career of the actor has seen a sudden stop in 2017 after being accused by more than a dozen people for some crimes related to his sexual conduct, even if currently the situation for the actor seems to be improved.

With that case behind it, the Oscar winner has appeared for the first time after those events in the National Roman Museum, to recite a poem about a boxer destroyed:

“I have shaken the country, made vibrate the arenas, made to shred my opponents,” he read Spacey. “I lit the darkness, collected insults, inspired applause. Not everyone knew how to do it. None of you. On the other hand, life is not scary to those who have never ventured”.

The team of the actor apparently had warned the media that there would be a reading of “surprise”, linked without doubt to the facts that have seen Spacey as the protagonist.

Barbie Latza Nadeau, correspondent for The Daily Beast that he attended the performance, described it as “unapologetic”:

“But the reading of the poem was a confession as much as a moment of acting, it seems,” he wrote. “While his voice resonated in front of no more than 50 visitors to museums surprised, and selected guests, it was clear that, although he could be disgraced for alleged sexual attacks, had no apparent remorse”.

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