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Published on Sep 11, 2019


The epic american returns to the story told by two exceptional artists, and a proposal in a format bonelliano value. Kentucky River is the result of the Mohawk River, the story of Mauro Boselli and Angelo Stano of the path of the Chapman family through some of the most important events in the history of the United States of America.

In this second chapter of the path are also the indians, the Shawnee, allies of the british forces in the war against the american colonists. In the background of this battle, decisive for arriving at the independence of the United States, are framed as the stories of the Chapman family.

Mauro Boselli and Angelo Stano are carrying out this operation, the rediscovery of tradition in american history, a view of a key in the adventurous and exciting. To be able to combine the adventure with the historical attention is not a simple task. In fact, while the Mohawk River was suffering from this difficulty, in Kentucky River, the pace of the story is much more intense, and also the level of introspection of the characters is more closely examined.

Of course, these stories put a lot of meat to the fire, and, at times, there is the risk that some aspect of the narrative is a bit’ sacrificed. But the Kentucky River is able to flow towards the right path. Because the idea of follow through of the comic stories and the location of some of the characters, if not a whole family, it looks pretty fascinating. But to be able to achieve this goal in the best way possible, it is important that the reader is able to empathize with each of the protagonists.

And Kentucky River drops more in the depths of the Chapman family, following the path of the young Nick and his brother Daniel, also showing the links with Rivers. The colony of Transylvania became the center focal of the stories of the characters, and to act as the glue and the character of the charismatic there is captain Daniel Boone.

In all the drawing stroke of Angelo Stano is careful in representing the individual characters, emphasizing the emotions, over which much of the action that is at the heart of the Kentucky River. The pages of the comic are split into cages that tend to exalt a narrative film, working through the shots able to quickly switch from the single detail of a larger scene and dynamic.

And this was the great ability of Boselli and Stano. The duo has narrated through balloon images and the story at the center of the Kentucky River was able to alternate moments of more introspective dedicated to the characters, great combat scenes. And even within the action itself Boselli and Are they set up cages cartoons are able to dictate the pace of film history, giving power to the individual shots.

In short, the ability to tell stories in comics by these two monuments of Italian comics is remarkable. Join Mauro Boselli and Angelo Stano is how to create a dream team capable of enhancing the readers of the comics. You need a careful reading to note the finesse with which texts and designs are able to fit varying rhythm and intensity of the narrative according to the situations that are told.

Kentucky River is definitely not a comic book dedicated to all the readers, but fans of the comics of the author, of stories of adventure, well told, and History in general will find in this reading a piece of skill fiction important.

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