Katy Perry condemned!


Published on Jul 30, 2019


A jury has ruled that the singer has copied the rhythm from a song of christian

A jury has ruled that the song Dark Horse of Katy Perry from her album Prism 2013, he copied the rhythm of a rap song christian, Joyful Noise of the Flame. According to Billboard, the verdict issued on Monday (29 July) considered responsible employees of Perry: that is to say, producers Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Cirkut, the guest artist Juicy J and singer-songwriter Sarah Hudson.

Flame, aka Marcus Gray, the drummer Chike Ojuwku and the co-author of Joyful Noise Emanuel Lambert had sued Perry and his collaborators in 2014 , claiming that Dark Horse had used the rhythm of their song of 2008 without permission.

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The pop star has taken place on the first day of the process, Katy Perry stated to the court that you never heard of Joyful Noise before the cause – a statement that Dr. Luke and Martin have done – and said that even when he was doing music as a contemporary christian music artist before his career pop, “listened to almost ever... but the music's secular, as reported by Billboard.

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After a process of seven days, which has also seen the testimony of musicologists, the jury of nine people decided in favor of Gray. Perry was not present at the reading of the verdict. Today, Tuesday, July 30, will be decided the amount of the damage that Perry and his collaborators must corripsondere.

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