Katie Holmes talks about Stellar Magazine


Published on Nov 12, 2019


Photo via Stellar

This month, Katie Holmes has done an encore, and after posing for the cover of Shape, scooped, and even Stellar.

The former mrs. Cruise has agreed to talk once again about his relationship with daughter Suri, but also topics as frivolous as the personal style.

On volunteering with Suri:

“My daughter and I we do volunteer together. Children have a natural empathy towards others. I like to do volunteer work with her, talk with her, listen to his impressions and his advice on what to do to be of help to the needy. It is important for me to see the realities and do everything they can to help.”

On his sense of style:

“I wear what I like. Generally I don't have much time to choose what to wear so I throw myself on the classics and go out.”

On the fan of Dawson's Creek scattered all over the world:

“I am so happy that people are fans of the show. I feel grateful of the fact that people continue to remember and be happy to watch it because we were not very happy with it.”




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