Kate Middleton trembling, her husband, William confessed: ‘I have had mental problems and...’

Published on Sep 13, 2018

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are pretty careful when it comes to issues of mental health. In fact, the two real are often a load of charitable initiatives.

And just this week the son of Charles of England attended the launch of the web portal ‘Mental Health at Work’. The latter gives a lot of support to all those people who have serious mental problems. Apparently his wife Kate Middleton was not present at the conference because it is on maternity leave after the birth of her third son Louis.

The husband of a Duchess Kate during the conference has made a long speech where he revealed some things that are very intimate. The Prince has admitted to having suffered from emotional problems while he was in service with the at for the Raf on a mission in Angola to the east.

“You see, every day, many things sad and you think life is so”,

said the wife, Kate Middleton, who for two long years he put in the hard strength of his mental state.

“You always have to do with the desperation, the sadness and misfortunes. The tension accumulates and you cannot download it if you're not careful”,

he added the real English, turning to those who choose silence to deal with this problem.

“We are human beings and many forget these battles. We create a shield to do our work, but sometimes, something hole in our armor”,

he concluded the husband of Kate Middleton advising those who have suffered these problems to talk about it with others.

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