Kate Middleton, soon the arrival of the fourth child? Here are the clues...


Published on May 12, 2020


Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are currently in self-isolation as the rest of the citizens of the United Kingdom because of the pandemic. Even if in recent times are not appeared publicly in any official event, the rumors that wants Kate Middleton pregnant with fourth child, never appeased. Indeed, fans of the Royal Couple are collecting different clues and all, they lead, inevitably, to assume that the fourth Royal Baby may arrive early.

He is convinced even the commentator real, Phil Dampier, that on his profile on Twitter confirmed that the duke and duchess of Cambridge, soon to become new parents, maybe another girl. So, after the two brothers, finally the Princess Charlotte could have a little sister who so much want to, as he had confided last year to a classmate. Here are all the clues that have convinced the Dampier to announce the fourth Royal Baby to the couple.

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First of all, William and Kate in the latest video-conferences have appeared more tight-knit than ever: the couple seems to be living in a veritable idyll of love, and are in perfect harmony. Also, during a video-call with the two which may be realized within the project that promotes mental health, she is almost moved in to congratulate the baby, and his reaction would be proof that the Dukes are really trying to have another child.

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Kate has always loved children and, as also referred a friend close to the family “would now be ready to face another pregnancy, even if the previous were complicated”. Last, but not least, it seems to have been the same the Duchess of Cambridge to fuel the gossip. In a recent interview with the Daily Express, when asked if the family would be enlarged, Kate responded: “The fourth child? William should start to be worried!”

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