Kate Middleton has once again chosen the green and like it at all but the belly is not seen (PHOTOS)


Published on Feb 05, 2019


New exit to the public on 5 February 2019 for Kate Middleton, this time the wife of William met children to talk and play with them! For the occasion, saw that it was necessary to talk about an aspect of their private life, the beautiful Kate has decided to take a picture of his family even if, the duchess certainly did not need presentations! For this new meeting, in public, with adults and children, Kate has opted for a look very simple, however, has not gone unnoticed seen the color chosen by the duchess. We have seen this morning with a beautiful green dress. Looking at the pictures today, we can see that Kate is in great shape and there seems no way that the photographs can reveal of the sweet forms that they think of a belly. The pregnancy at the moment, seems to be really only a news story completely unfounded. The latest news about the possible birth of a fourth son, therefore, does not seem to be true.

But back to the encounter of Kate with the smallest today; the theme of the day: wear something that makes you feel good. Kate has decided to bring the picture of his family. She, William, the small Loiuse that we know still little, and the wonderful George and Charlotte.

Showing the photos to Kate, he explained to his small hearers: “This is a picture of my family. These are my children and this is my husband. And my family makes me feel happy. And we like to play outside together and spend a lot of time together as a family. And this makes me feel very happy.”

Kate, who wore a bespoke version of a dress from Eponine from £ 2,100 and £ 295 L. K. boots Bennett.

This is the first time wearing this particular dress, however, we have seen in the uk brand many times. The material often wool bouclé, this dress makes it perfect for the cold climate, while the shadow, vibrant color, green pea, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

From the photos today it would seem that Kate is not pregnant but as you know, in the early months of pregnancy, the belly may not even be noticed!

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