KAT - KickAssTorrents: our guide to the well-known portal

Published on Feb 26, 2018

KickAssTorrents (friends KAT) together with The Pirate Bay is one of the two historical pillars of the world of torrents and file sharing. The two search engines, with their huge indexes have had similar judicial affairs. Some of the founders of KickAss are gone to stop, and the portal in July 2016 has been seized and closed. Fortunately, in December of the same year, KickAssTorrents has risen to work of a part of the original team.

In this article, we will discuss:

This portal, like the others of which we have spoken, is often blocked by the judicial authorities of the various countries, to be able to connect then the first step is to set up on our connection to the Google DNS.

The censorship of the judiciary is limited only to the DNS servers of our Internet provider. Change DNS, can bring even greater speed in loading Web pages, because the server offered to operators, the local is not always the best.

Once you have set the Google DNS, we can try to access: the fastest way is to take advantage of this convenient website that informs us on the state of the service, the current address (which change often), and lists all the official mirrors.

It is also interesting the new project Hydra, KAT, who is born to offer a version of KickAssTorrents is not lockable by the institutions in any country of the globe, you can reach him at this address.

How to use KAT to search for and download torrent and magnet?

KickAssTorrents owes its success to its giant index and the undoubted ease of use. It only takes a few steps to get the torrent file or the magnet to give a meal to our torrent client to make him start the download.

Once you have reached the home of the KAT, you will see a large search bar in the center of the page and just under six categories: MOVIES, TV, GAMES, MUSIC, NEW, BROWSE. In the top right, maybe hard to notice, there is the voice TOP100 for access to the 100 torrents most downloaded.

Going back to the search bar, the central, just, write the name of the content that you wish to download and click on the icon of the magnifying glass or press the Enter key on the keyboard. KickAss, then load a new page where it will show the list of results, organized in a convenient table. The table provides lots of useful information, looking from the left to the right you will see: the name of the torrent file, the size of the file that the client will go to download, the moment in which has been inserted in the index, the number of seeds (users who have finished downloading the content and the ricondividono) and the number of leech (that is, users that are downloading the content).

In general, it is advisable to order the results by number of seeds, so as to see the first to those torrents that have a larger number of sources complete. Torrent files with a greater number of sources, usually, can reach a download speed higher, and in general offer better content (they are more complete or work better). Sort the list of results is simple, just click on the item SEED (at the top at the beginning of the table).

Going to a single result, you can decide to download it directly by clicking on the small icons to the right of the name: the icon in the shape of the magnet allows the magnet link, the arrow icon allows you to download the torrent file. If instead, you click on the name of the result, a new page opens that contains all the details on the torrent.

The answer is yes: KickAssTorrents as all the other search engines of torrent is not illegal in and of itself, because it indexes both free material to license that material subject to copyright. If you use KAT to download copyrighted material is guilty of an offence, and you risk much more than a simple fine (in this regard you can refer to our leaflet dedicated).

ChimeraRevo invites you to respect the law and not to make the pirates, now fortunately the Web is full of solutions that will cheaply allow you to see movies, series, and hear our favorite music, without violating the rights of anyone.

Simply because the team of the well-known search engine know very well what is the use of it on average users. The team is KickAss, knows that often the pirates are doing, but also that, equally often, are not aware of the dangers. Often, users are ignorant of how easy it is for the competent authorities to trace their identity (those that download exposes your IP address).

Therefore, many streaming portals and search engines of torrent recommend the use of a good VPN service, because it allows:

The team KickAssTorrents recommend NordVPN that is a good solution: reliable, fast, economical and particularly safe thanks to its registered office in Panama find out more, please see our review.

Other VPN services, equally valid, that we have reviewed, are: IPVanish and PureVPN.

Here's our list of search engines for torrents that we have found to be the most valid:

For a list of even more large selection of portals, you can refer to our leaflet dedicated.

Our guide to KickAssTorrents arrived at the conclusion, let us know with a comment if you also appreciate this historic engine.


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