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Published on Sep 05, 2018


When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby took care of the Fantastic Four, had the merit of introducing so many characters that in the course of time, have proved to be fundamental in the Marvel Universe. Among them we can mention the Inhuman, perhaps the group of superheroes the most strange of the House of Ideas. The Inhuman were a race that lived in Attilan, a city protected by the mountains of the Himalayas, and was led by the Royal Family, composed by the king of the Black Arrow, by his wife, Medusa, and other relatives.

The Inhuman appeared often in the stories of the Fabulous Quartet and its members have often had a significant role in the events of the Marvel Universe. On more than one occasion were the protagonists of the series never had great success. In recent years, however, Marvel has staked a lot on them, trying to provide this as a contemporary version of the X-Men, and in fact, in their stories, there were themes and situations in a narrative similar to the ones present in the books of the mutants.

Among other things, has been published in a mini-series dedicated to Karnak, perhaps the most enigmatic and disturbing of the Inhuman, Panini Comics has proposed in the volume. The work is to keep an eye on, because signed by the british Warren Ellis, one of the authors most transgressive, always, appreciated, to work in devastating the likes of Hellstorm, Doom 2099, and Transmetropolitan.

The story takes place in a special moment in the life of the Inhuman. The Mists Terrigenous, the gas that gives them incredible powers, you are rain for the land, the consequences are dreadful. Now, many homo sapiens have gifts inhuman and the situation is not easy to deal with. Karnak, who became Magister, in practice a teacher who teaches philosophy and spirituality to a group of students, as was once his father has retired into the Tower of Wisdom. He is one of the few Inhuman to be never been subjected to the effects of the Mists Terrigenous but has always developed the gift: discovering the weak point of any thing.

However, Karnak is forced to leave momentarily the tower because of a request by the SHIELD. One of the many human boys modified from the Mists Terrigenous, in fact, has been kidnapped by a cell of separatist of the A. I. M. Seems to be the almighty, is considered to be a divine creature and is combining a lot of damage. The SHIELD asks to Karnak to find it and deliver it to the association, the spy. These are at least of the premises, but the reality is different and more frightening, as he will discover at his own expense Karnak.

Ellis outlines a plot intense, deep and adult in tone. Themes philosophical, with references to buddhism, to zen, to the spirituality of the east, but also to quantum physics. Karnak is certainly more a philosopher than a fighter, and his concentration on the weak points makes him so inhuman, in the more negative sense of the definition. If there is something that strikes the reader is the psychological analysis that Ellis makes for the character. In his version, Karnak is incapable of feeling. Simply, you do not understands them.

In addition, although Karnak is able to perceive the weaknesses of anyone who, in its turn, is not free of vulnerabilities. These are first and foremost emotional. Ellis highlights the resentment that the Karnak evidence for the parents who forbade him to undergo the effects of the mists. Behind a mask of coldness hides a complex of inferiority vis-à-vis the other Inhuman. Everything is slammed in the face by the boy with divine powers which shall then become his accuser, his evil conscience; in practice, someone who brings to light the failings of Karnak.

The Karnak Ellis is creepy and no one before him (except maybe Paul Jenkins) I had presented in this way. It is not easy to sympathize with him, being devoid of empathy, but at the same time one can not but be fascinated. Attracts and repels at the same time. If you perceive the charisma but it is hard to approve the actions of ruthless (and the end of the story, to say the least, bitter and pessimistic, does not confirm this feeling).

Karnak is one of the best works of Ellis, highlighted by a screenplay, impeccable dialogues of undoubted depth and a perfect balance of action and introspection. From the point of view of the drawings, the mini-series is hit and miss. The first episode is illustrated by Gerardo Zaffino, penciler that some remember for Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A of Vertigo. It has a stretch of dirty, twisted and crude, not always successful, but effective, and uses some of the contributions of Antonio Zone. The remaining chapters are the prerogative of Roland Woods, the most expert Zaffino, that offers us tables of the dynamics and of a good standard.

However, it is worth to recover Karnak. You will not only read a comic book quality; but you can appreciate the writing of Warren Ellis, to the best of his ability.


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