Karina Cascella discuss the end of the story between Kikò and Amber: so better to lose it


Published on Sep 12, 2019


He never believed in the much dreaded love that Amber Lombardo said to try when Kikò Nalli was still in the house of Big Brother 16 and he has always said. Could not then return to the office in the hours after the news of the crisis between the two. Let's talk about Karina Cascella who has decided to have its say on what is going on between Kikò and Amber. At the time the two have not confirmed the end of their relationship; Kikò expressed via social, even if not in an explicit way ( read here his words) while Amber has done an interview for the magazine Again. Waiting to see a comparison, which certainly awaits us in the drawing-room of Barbara d'urso, we can tell you what Karina has said and written on social in the last few hours.

From the Ig stories Karina lets us know what he thinks on the end of this report. And comments:

“You're a insensitive, you'll see that our love will last forever... The words of her (Amber, ndr) to me in the Afternoon, Five-and Sunday Live... always Regret when a story ends and I am certainly not happy about it. But I say that it takes more than the word "LOVE" too easy to use today. And this young lady decided to tell a fairy tale, thinking we were all idiots. Today, coincidentally, after various guest appearances and the various fictions that really looked like Scarlett in gone With the Wind, comes out with the sentence: “He does not shows me love.” Kikò merits much, much more. Better to lose it than find a”

The Cascella also highlights how Amber has been a little kind to Kikò seen that has told that not even their intimacy was good, seeing that he “did not fire“. And again: “She leaves Kikò with the beginning of Afternoon 5, that timing was perfect and we are all fools?” said Karina, emphasizing how this love will end precisely in the same hours in which the tv will return all programs that deal with just this news...

There remains now that wait for a possible comparison between Karina and Amber, and we imagine that will be sparks.

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