Kardashian-West vs Taylor Swift: the truth is coming to the surface


Published on Mar 24, 2020


In the past few days has been the widespread recording of the call at the origin of the quarrel between Taylor Swift and Kanye West that dates back to the summer of 2016. At this point Kim Kardashian, wife of rapper, has decided to comment on the situation to defend the husband. The pop star, however, there is on his profile on Instagram has stated that they feel finally vindicated by the output of those recordings, that someone in the past had manipulated to put her in a bad light, forcing her to spend years of hell.

It all started when Kanye West writes a song (Famous of 2016) where it is addressed to Swift, and with words that are very vulgar and at a certain point says: “I made famous that s*****a,” referring to the history of the MTV Video Music Awards of 2009, when the rapper interrupted the ceremony of the pop star to say that he was the most beautiful video of Beyoncé.

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Then Kim Kardashian puts on social a telephone recording in which the husband warns Taylor Swift in his song there will be strong words about her and feels that she will ride up. On the social blew up a ruckus with various insults directed towards Taylor, just think of that “viper” and “liar” were the words less offensive that they are being addressed.

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Now it is coming out the truth. On the phone, Kanye West has said a phrase (“I Feel that Taylor Swift should make me have sex”), then in the text of the ultimate is not found, replaced by, “I Feel that me and Taylor we could do more sex / Why I made famous that s*****a?”. In short, different words that give a meaning completely different to the sentence. This is the reason why Taylor Swift on the phone, giggles and says that we must reflect.

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Fans of Taylor Swift now celebrate after years in which the singer has had to face accusations and insults because of the episode, which has deeply traumatized, as he says in his documentary Miss America.

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