Karakuri Circus, the date of departure of the souls


Published on Sep 20, 2018


In Italy the work of the author of Ushio and Tora is published by Goen.

The animated series comes from the manga Karakuri Circus Kazuhiro Fujita's debut on network tv in japan Tokyo MX at 22:30 Thursday 11 October 2018.

The “Karakuri Circus” TV anime will have its broadcast premiere on October 11th on Tokyo MX (22:30 JST)

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Satoshi Nishimura (Ushio & Tora) directs the series at the studio VOLN (Ushio & Tora) on the screenplays coordinates by the same master Fujita, and Toshiki Inoue (Ushio & Tora, Death Note); Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Hunter x Hunter 2011, Trigun) care for the character design, Yuuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!) composes the soundtrack.

Produced by Twin Engine (Golden Kamui, Kokkoku), the anime will consist of 36 episodes and will be distributed exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Published between 1997 and 2006 on the pages of Weekly Shonen Sunday (43 volumes), in Italy, Karakuri Circus, left interrupted by Play Press, is in progress for Goen:

“The plot revolves around three main characters, Marcus, Narumi, and shadow world (Eleanor), and unfolds through the themes of the circus, of alchemy and of the karakuri (puppet automatic) by combining these elements in a unique history that is steeped in mystery and action.
It all begins when the father of Masaru dies, leaving legacy of 18 billion yen (about 138 million euros). His half-siblings (all from different mothers) and his uncle conspire to kill him, or abduct him, for the purpose of taking possession of the entire property. For case, Narumi ends up saving Marcus with the help of the shadow world. As the episodes develop, a tragedy in the 200 years long, it is revealed and it sheds light on the mystery of the origin of the shadow world, Automatons, and of the syndrome Zonapha. Each of the protagonists is a prisoner of a cycle of death and rebirth that is the result of the tragedy of 200 years before.”



Karakuri Circus, the date of departure of the souls is




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