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Published on Sep 06, 2019


Yamato Video has announced that the animated series Kaito Kid 1412, a spin-off of Detective Conan, is available exclusively on Paramount Network streaming free and legal edition is dubbed in Italian.

At the moment are available only the first 12 episodes (of 24) of the series; the episodes will be online until 3 October 2019.

The young Kaito Kuroba, a high-school student passionate about games of prestige, you know by the old butler to his father that the latter had mysteriously disappeared, was the legendary thief Kaito Kid. Determined to unmask the killers of the parent, then decide to wear the garments, and become himself the thief: police, gangsters, and the rich owners of precious stones ripiomberanno in the chaos. So begins the adventure of “the Phantom Thief”, the eternal rival of Detective Conan.

We remind that the cooperation agreement between Yamato Video and Paramount Network also includes the following titles:

Cinderella Boy
Online until 10 October

Cinderella Boy is about the misadventures of a former criminal Ranma Hinamatsuri and charming Rella Cindy Shirayuki: the two form a pair of private investigators, very different in features and character.
As A result of a tragic automobile accident, Ranma and Rella you will have to share cyclically the same body (but not the memory or the feelings) every other day.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher
Online from 23 September

Junichuro Kagami is a young boy obsessed with manga, anime and video games. High school was a brilliant student, considered by everyone to be a genius, so much as to publish their articles in the magazine “Nature and Science” already at the age of 17 years. However, after graduation, has lost all the stimulus, becoming a NEET (“not in education, employment, or training”, i.e. a person who does not study, does not work, do not update). At the beginning of the story is an otaku who is only interested in your blog. Suzune, tired of seeing his brother throw away his life, decides to find him a job at the school that he attends. So Koyomi Hiiragi, at the head of the school administration, he assumes the role of teacher.

Burn-Up Excess

In the year 202X, the crime rate in Neo Tokyo has exceeded the levels of the guard. To cope with the situation, has been secretly created a special police force called the WARRIOR.
The story revolves around Rio Kinezono, a police officer, rather buxom, which is part of the Team Warrior and is constantly looking for money, given that he spends all his pay finding a lot of debt. Rio is an expert martial artist and a fighter is unbeatable. In working side by side with the Maya Jingu, a set of weapons and a sniper formidable. Their actions are supported by the inventions of Nanvel Candlestick, an engineer of the team that designs and builds weapons and tools of surveillance used by the group; Lilica Ebett, a computer expert capable of hacking into any information system; and Yuji Naruo, a voyeur pervert, who assists as a driver and pilot. At the head of the group there is Maki Kawasaki, an inspector of police appointed to command them on the field and manage their missions. The series tells the adventures of the members of the team as you unravel a mysterious conspiracy to the damages of the city of Tokyo.

Cutie Honey Universe
Online from 16th September

Honey Kisaragi is an android powerful features of the “Airborne Element Fixing Device”, a device invented by his father, which allows her to transform into the warrior of love Cutie Honey.
The young girl lives at the Academy of Saint Chapel, and is targeted by Sister Jill, for his good heart and his innocence, as well as for his immense powers. When his father is killed by the evil organization Panther Claw, Honey teams up with the PCIS (Panther Claw, Criminal Investigative Services) to fight against them, unaware that the principal investigator, the inspector Genet, is actually the leader of Panther Claw, that is Sister Jill.

The Count of monte cristo

The anime part on the Lunar colony, where you are celebrating in a big way to the carnival. All the characters are wealthy and belonging to the aristocracy, but among these there stands out the figure of the Count of monte cristo, which is remarkable for its wealth and its mysterious charm. The protagonist knows, among them was born a friendship, soon the Count is introduced into the environment of the guy and know his friends, his parents...
But this friendship was born really randomly? And what are the true intentions of the Count? What hides his past? Such as balances and masks break his entry into the parisian high society?

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