Juventus lift the Italian Cup, Dani Alves and Bonucci extend the Lazio

Published on May 17, 2017

Mission accomplished for the boys of coach Allegri who won this evening in the Coppa Italia, the first of the three trophies available, in this final season, including one league title almost won and the final of the Champions League all to play. The match, played at the Olympic stadium, it is decided in the first half with goals from Dani Alves and Bonucci in front of 65 thousand spectators around. Juventus lift the Italian Cup, Dani Alves and Bonucci extend the region of Lazio. The battleship, Cheerful, winning the first trophy of the season, after losing to December, the Italian Super cup against ac Milan defeating Lazio in the final for the Italian Cup. This evening the test capital of the bianconeri who, after having gone into a 2-0 lead, they controlled the match and not risked anything, to managing without problems in the second half. A clear superiority was demonstrated by Juventus against Lazio, who, despite going close to scoring on several occasions, never managed to halve the disadvantage. The game. The game started with a flash of Keita, hitting the post in the sixth minute, after you have dribbled the ball for him, he sings the lazio fans. Juventus rooms and on more than one occasion committed Strakoscia that nothing can at the twelfth, when Dani Alves is inserted in the rear of the Lazio and supports on the net for the goal dell’1-0. Kick and Higuain are a wonder and a call to difficult parades the far corner of Simone Inzaghi. Enter Radu and out of Shock, injured and not in the best condition that is already in pre-competition. The 25th comes the doubling of Bonucci, on the developments of a corner. Lazio go close to 2-1 with a shot of the Building on the 32nd who, in dip, send to the side. You go in the locker room and the return in the field the situation does not change with Juventus always dangerous when you see the parts of Strakoscia, while Lazio while trying to shorten the distance fails to find the goal. The boys of Allegri's control, risking little, only with some scoring happen on the feet of Felipe Anderson and Luis Alberto. The match ends here, and the bianconeri to lift the Cup for the twelfth time in their history.

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