Justin Timberlake has cheated on Jessica Biel with Alisha Wainwright?


Published on Nov 25, 2019


Photo via the web

During the weekend, the gossip world has gone crazy after “The Sun” has released some shots and a video to say the least misunderstandings, which the protagonists are Justin Timberlake and colleague Alisha Wainwright.

The two were paparazzati sitting at the outside table of a pub in New Orleans: a chat between friends, smiles accomplices, her hand on the knee of him, her hand in the hand of him. In short, what seemed to be an innocent evening with friends and colleagues has turned into a few hours in the concrete evidence of the behavior of the faithless of the actor and singer, to the detriment of the poor Jessica Biel.

But it will all be true?

“S useless,” said a source to People “Is an attitude of innocence. There is a balcony, there is a group of friends and not happened nothing. There are turning ‘Palmer‘, Justin and Alisha recite together and the shots are great. Certainly from the video and from the pictures it might seem that between the two something happened, but there is nothing real. There were a bit of friends, the insiders. You know all and were relaxing. But we were on the balcony of a pub in New Orleans, he is a person well known. It was nothing.”

In the last few hours we thought the spokesman of the Wainwright to put (?) to everyone's satisfaction:

“It is a matter of speculation is not reliable. They are working together on the set of ‘Palmer‘, and the whole crew was present.”

I wonder what he thinks about the poor Jessica Biel so much innocence!




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