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Published on Nov 14, 2017


When you talk about the publishing history of DC Comics in Italy, the lowest common denominator that you can use is always the same, that is, the adjective troubled.

Is no exception the Justice League actually, compared to other heroes of the publishing house as seen in the article dedicated to the publishing history of Wonder Woman, was even more ill-treated if not ignored, even in spite of its more “young” age – remember the fact that the Justice League of America made its first appearance in the USA in march 1960, on the pages of The Brave and The Bold #28.

At the time, the DC characters were out of space on the publications branded " – and shortly also on those of Williams and Cenisio – and that's just on Superman Nembo Kid, the historic head that he had started his run, as Albi del Falco, who timidly the JLA faces of the Italian market.

Before reading a complete history of the group, however, the readers of the time had three very short samples of the ones that came with a far-sightedness the whole of italic, and that was in a way also rather heavy, the adventures of Batman and Superman, not the Friends of Justice.

The first appearance of the supergroup, in Italy it is recorded on the #456 – dated January, 1965, of the series mentioned above and more precisely in the history of “Visionary Electronic” or Action Comics #314 The day Superman became the Flash!) there are references to the group if not the name, nor does there appear all of the members.

In the second appearance it has the most luck, but we still have to go to the end of #514 – dated February 1966 – and, more specifically, at the end of the story, renamed “Double-End” or Detective Comics #347 (The Strange Death of Batman). This is two cartoons in all, and the caption reads “But the Friends of the Law are not limited to, the consular Robin...” as if to whet the curiosity of the readers in addition to portend the imminent debut of the group, there is also the official debut of Wonder Woman – as a Star – and Hawkman always adopts the name of the battle of the Hawk.

For the third fleeting appearance without references, we have to browse the #518 – dated march 1966 – in the story called “Chameleon Involuntary”, i.e. The Flash #158 (The One-Man Justice League).

Italian readers will have to wait for the #533 – dated July 1966 – to read the first true story of the JLA or the Friends of Justice if you prefer, the story is renamed the “Royal flush” and this is the Justice League of America #43 (“The card Crimes of the Royal Flush Gang) is officially among the american debut, and the Italian group pass 6 years.

In Italy and then in the 70's and the first half of the ’80s will not see published almost nothing of the JLA – skipping the first changes in the formation of the group and the beginning of the so-called Satellite Era – but there are at least two curiosities to point out: on the cover of Batman #21, published by Cenisio is in reference to the JLA, not as Friends of Justice, but as the League of the Magistrates.

In 1979, meanwhile, Fabbri Editori launched into the newsstand and a magazine of large-format called Big Bang, which lasted only 13 numbers, I present some of the adventures of the JLA, but not taken from the regular series but by the stripes that appeared on the american newspapers the Chicago Tribune and New York News Syndicates by the title “The World's Greatest Superheroes” and signed by Martin Pasko, George Tuska and Vince Colletta.

The strips were presented in the first 4 issues of the magazine alternating pages in b/n, with 4 strips per page – pages to color – with 2 strips per page.

The first half of the ’80s concludes with the ill-fated Labor Comics, which will publish the ones that today are the books DC Comics in Italian that have more value on the collectors ' market, or Sword of the Atom and Super Powers. The second was a mini-series of 5 numbers starring the JLA, written and drawn by Jack Kirby in order to promote the then very popular action figures of the Kenner, la mini, however, is out of continuity and thus not a photographer at all the time's editorial group.


source: collezionismofumetti

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