Justice League: the manufacturer speaks of the difficulties in making the film


Published on Nov 14, 2017


The Cyborg will debut in a few days on the big screen along with the rest of the team, DC Comics in Justice League, but Ray Fisher already thinks to stand alone: interviewed by Popcorn Talk, the actor has revealed which villain he would like, in the movie, Cyborg.

“For the film intimate that I want, the group Phantom Limbs, mercenaries, unscrupulous cybernetically advancing, it would be perfect for this,” the actor explains, “it Would be nice to see the comparison between the Cyborg and this group. It's also nice that people stop me on the street and maybe they have artificial limbs, and compare it to the Cyborg. It's nice to feel this affection.”

Another hero that, in a certain way (re)debut is Superman, “reborn” after Batman v Superman but, as pointed out by Henry Cavill, without a mustache.

“I had them for the role in another movie (Mission Impossible 6), there is nothing to explain, she thought about the CGI!” assures the actor Kevin McCarthy of Fox 5 DC.

The catchphrase of the moustache Superman broke out during the period of extra footage directed by Josh Whedon, that have also marked a turning point for the entire production, as stated by Charles Roven.

“It was hard to make this film, I have served many energy drinks!” joked the producer “There was a lot of sadness for all the negativity turn around in Batman v Superman, but it was still a wonderful experience, the realization of this film, with the constant thought of to make the fans happy. We have always thought to make the film more cohesive as possible, and I think that in the end the objective has been achieved, considering that 85 % of the movie was filmed by Zack Snyder.”

Waiting to note to short the cohesion of the film, was released a new tv spot starring the Mother Box:

“Fueled by his renewed faith in humanity and inspired by the gesture of altruism of Superman, Bruce Wayne asks for help from his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an enemy even more formidable. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman are put to work immediately to find and assemble a team of metahumans ready to face this new threat. But in spite of the formation of this alliance of heroes unprecedented – Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash – it may already be too late to save the planet from an attack of catastrophic proportions.”

The Italian theatrical release of the film is scheduled for 16 November.

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Justice League: the manufacturer speaks of the difficulties in the realization of the film is




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