Justice League: the director Joss Weldon has changed the end of the movie!


Published on Aug 12, 2017


Some rumor concerning the recent reshoot of the Justice League, claim that the director Joss Weldon has modified the end of the movie

There have been new rumors about the reshoot that Joss Weldon has done to the Justice League, the supplements of the shots that have forced the return on the set of the moustache is Henry Cavill, and that will force the experts of the special effects, to a complex work of digital make-up to remove the moustaches of Superman.

According to Peter Sciretta of /Film, Weldon has completely changed the ending of the Justice League, eliminating an important cliffhanger that, apparently, was the original choice:

From what I heard Joss Whedon is making the movie lighter giving it a different ending.

Originally the film was focused on the Boxes of the Mothers with the bad guys, especially Steppenwolf, intending to appropiarsene to prepare the Earth for the coming of Darkseid.

This would have been the cliffangher that would have opened the second chapter of the Justice League, a sort of Justice League vs Darkseid, but now, however, it seems that this final has been removed and all ends as a film in and of itself.

The other reshoot, instead, were necessary to give greater depth to the character of the Steppenwolf, and it is precisely for this reason that they have required the presence of Antiope, the character of Wonder Woman played by Robin Wright:

They did a reshoot with Robin Wright of Wonder Woman to set up a flashback and explain who Steppenwolf which will be the main villains of this film, while the looming threat of Darkseid I don't think that will materialize.

What do you think of these changes in the running? Would you have preferred the original ending, with the threat of Darkseid in the ambush, and an opening to Justice League 2? Please let us know with a comment below!

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