Justice League: Scott Snyder raise the head with No Justice


Published on Jan 27, 2018


The main series of the Justice League will be written by the visionary comic book Scott Snyder, while the name of the designer who will support him is still secret.

Following the conclusion of Dark Nights: Metal # 6, on march 14, will begin a series of weekly four numbers from the title Justice League: No Justice. In the output the 9th of may, the series will be written by Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Francis Manapul.

In June, the titles of the Justice League will be released. The title of the tip, written by Snyder, will follow the events of the Dark Nights: Metal of Snyder and Capullo, who has told the story of the battle of the Justice League against the seven evil Batmen the Dark Multiverse. The other titles will be written by Tynion, Williamson, and others.

“We thought we were getting to know the entire map of the cosmos DC,” wrote Snyder in a statement to IGN. “We thought we had explored everything there was to explore. But now we know that for all this time the Multiverse was nothing more than an aquarium, and now we have been discharged into the ocean, unleashing new threats, terrifying, and wonderful new possibilities. Metal has open channels of narration that Francis, James, Joshua and I are excited to explore it in great style. When you're finished, the fans will not be watching ever more of the Justice League in the same way”.

The plot of “No Justice” sees Brainiac warn the Justice League about a threat of cosmic scale that is going to destroy the Earth. When the heroes discover that even the combined force of the Justice League (including some unlikely new recruits) is not enough to stop it, Brainiac recommend their plan. Its strategy provides for the heroes alleino with the bad guys to divide into four teams. The fate of a different alien world depends on the success of each team but, if they fail, is in the game, not only the Earth but the entire DC Universe.

“I'm spreading the largest undertaking of my life,” said Manapul in a statement. “The Justice League realizes that they must expand their scope to become something bigger than it has ever been before. If you think that my work for Justice League: Darkseid War was huge, I'm bringing the Alloy to the ends of the universe with “No Justice”. Anyone who has asked that Harley Quinn, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, Zatanna, The Atom, Raven, or Doctor Fate are in their own personal Justice League will be able to rejoice “.

You have not provided the details on which the project will be addressed by Capullo, but DC has said to expect news soon. The current run of the Justice League of Christopher Priest and Pete Woods will conclude on April 18 with the number 43. Justice League of America Steve Orlando (and a number of artists) will end on 11 April, with the number 29.

We can only wait for more details on the future of the Justice League from DC Comics.

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