Justice for all, the new fiction of Channel 5 with Raoul Bova: everything there is to know


Published on Jul 13, 2019


Just a few days ago we presented the new schedule for the next television season. We speak to Channel 5. Right here there will be so many confirmations: the long-awaited second season of Rosy Abate the third de The Island of Peter and Gianni Morandi. What is certain is that there will also be plenty of new level of fiction to focus on new products that will thrill the vast audience of Mediaset. And speaking of changes, among these there will also be a new tv series Justice for all, that will see protagonist Raoul Bova, one of the actors most popular of the big and small screen Italian.

You really know very little, for the time being, on Justice for all, the new drama that will air on Channel 5 since filming began last month. But let's see what are the latest news regarding the cast and plot. As we have mentioned, the protagonist of Justice for all will be played by beloved Raoul Bova, and the main theme will be, precisely, the justice. The new fiction Mediaset will be set in Turin, but the filming will be done in places that are close to the big city.

As we have just said, the filming of Justice for all can start just a few weeks and it is still very early to say when will end. This means that fiction with Raoul Bova will certainly not be one of the first news to be transmitted on Channel 5. You will probably have to wait until next spring for the airing of Justice for all. Certainly, however, will be aired in prime time on the network Mediaset.

Raoul Bova among other things, will also be one of the characters in another fiction of Channel 5, broadcast always next season, let's talk about Made in Italy. In that case, however, the theme will be a man of high fashion in Italy and Bova should assume the role of the great Giorgio Armani. Theme totally different that of Justice for all.

Very soon we will have more news about the cast, plot, and date of the airing of the new fiction Justice for all, so stay tuned!

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