“Just to the theatres during the rescue, everyone respects her role”

Published on Apr 14, 2017

It is a hard press release that was sent this morning by some trade unions of the Firefighters, who denounce what happened in Maccagno and Pino and Veddasca, where consider the Alpine Rescue some delicate issues in reference to the rescuers. The letter, signed by the FNS CISL VVF, Maximum Isgrò, by CGIL, VVF, Marco Franzetti, from the UIL PA VVF, Rosario Galicia, from CONAPO, Michele De Filippis, and the USB VVF, Fabio Molteni, was sent to the Prefect of Varese, to the public Prosecutor at the Court of Varese, to the Regional Director of Fire Brigade of Lombardy and the Provincial Commander, and, finally, even to Secretaries of Regional trade Union and the Secretariats of the Party. Here is the text. “Just to the theatres during the rescue, each upholding its role”. “On Tuesday, April 11, the Fire Brigade have been activated for the intervention of “search person” in the municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca. A married couple was unavailable from the previous evening. As usual, all the institutions for the research they went on the site and, in coordination with the operations room, mobile fire department, have started the research. The latter were concentrated in a wooded area below the house for the two missing persons.In the late morning, a team of Firefighters found the man; the person was in a wooded area near a trail, about five hundred metres from his home. At that point, the staff VVF he communicated the find to the operations room, mobile, and was made to request support of medical personnel. The man was in a slight state of confusion, but in general conditions are satisfactory; fatigued from the night in the open was referring to being tired. Operators VVF predisponevano a stretcher to the recovery, waiting for the ambulance crew. At that point came on the spot, the Volunteers of the mountain Rescue service, to the staff of the Red Cross. Between the shouting and the concern (at that point entirely unjustified, since the person was in safety) Volunteers CNSAS have not even made to approach medical personnel to the victim, wishing they themselves do on their own recovery. At the same time the coordinator ran in the path between the woods and began the pursuit of a woman without interfacing with anyone, and without succeeding in the attempt. The operations continued for some hours. In the afternoon, at around 15, a team of firefighters identified the woman and immediately informed the operations room, mobile the find and the coordinates of the place. On the spot was sent to the staff at S. A. F. (Speleological Alpine Fluvial (river) and the helicopter VVF. The aircraft was ‘vericellato’ an operator who reached the unfortunate in order to assess the conditions for recovery. Also in this case, the staff of the mountain Rescue service, of its own initiative, started at full speed from the base camp to try to ‘grab’ the recovery of the person lost, among other things, without leaving any operator interface. In the meantime, the Police present at the site, in agreement with the coordination of relief efforts and the staff that was already working on the women, agreed with the operations room of 118, the recovery of the individual through the use of the helicopter VVF already present on the scene. Consequently, the ambulance, which up to that time stationed in the vicinity of the dwelling house in the hamlet of montana), is predisposed to the valley in the vicinity of the landing zone in order to climb aboard, the woman does not just performed the recovery. After a few minutes, on the site of the discovery, received the Volunteers of the mountain Rescue team that, against all good sense, took the upper hand on the scene, the child has the right not specified health conditions of the patient. To the same purport so to manage the recovery. In order to speed up the operations, the specialists in the SAF of the Fire Department collaborated with the volunteers of CNSAS. Signaling to the same as had already been prepared and agreed with the operational room of the medical aid, informing them that a half-plane was already ready for the recovery, and that the same would have been made of them just a few minutes. Even if it requires their cooperation, for the umpteenth time on a scenario of interventional relief began to reign in the chaos, because regardless of the dynamics and skills, the volunteers of the alpine rescue (although to get the primary scene), from the first temporeggiavano, then required the intervention of at without discussion with the staff already present at the site, and the crisis unit that was already coordinating the operations. We discovered later, through the marches (plate) of the helicopter ambulances, the helicopter stationed at Como was already engaged on another operation in the town of Casorate Sempione (VA) following an incident in which a person was hit by a car and that is supposedly the only aircraft available would come from the base of Milan. The staff of the CNSAS claimed, against the judgment of the elisoccorritore VVF present on the spot, that the area of the recovery was not suitable and therefore they would have to move the person in an area easier. This shift, in our judgment, it was motivated solely by the fact that the same had to dilute the timing of the intervention, to the end, to allow for the arrival of the helicopter from Milan. The recovery took place with a delay of about an hour and a half, with a shift of hundreds of metres of the person, which at that point was in a position where it was no longer necessary to fly to the recovery, but it would be enough for an ordinary ambulance. Sources health the woman arrived at the hospital of the Circolo of Varese, in a fair condition of health. The question that we all ask is: ‘if the preparation from the point of view of staff health CNSAS is so complete, such as never has been required at unnecessarily?’. In our opinion, this behavior, beyond that is unwarranted and damaging, and has caused a delay in the recovery, has kept busy unnecessarily a helicopter of the fire brigade with staff elisoccorritore, has left the entire area of Milan without the cover of an at (with a monetary damage of tens of thousands of euros) and generated the usual confusion of roles between the rescuers. It is not the first time we have seen at these theatres; if up to now by Professionals, we opted for dialogue and collaboration, now we have become tired, because such behaviors men, as well as a cost to the community, are likely to endanger the safety of citizens, both of the same rescuers. Our task is to work for the best, addestrandoci constantly, and you don't love the delusions of leadership that plague other realities. It is for this reason that we are no longer willing to be silent about the arrogance of a group of volunteers ‘out of control’, claiming the right to do the good and bad time on the skin of the people, not the signs with the other relevant Bodies, a memorandum of understanding to define, once and for all procedures that might improve similar situations. We call on the authorities in the epigraph for you to put a brake to this situation and there is the respect of their roles, before the community at the expense of. Ready to receive yet another evasive answer, that will motivate the immotivabile, we will do everything possible to protect the citizenship that we have sworn to protect and defend our professionalism which is frequently injured by similar conduct. It is noted that the coordination of the operations research person to the National Body of Firefighters. This allocation is not governed in the whole Italy by the laws of the State, but in the province of Varese is also further enshrined in a memorandum of understanding signed at the prefecture, where all of the bodies, Fire Brigade, Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, the Red Cross, and others, have agreed to the mode of intervention. The National Body of Firefighters tasks of the Judicial Police, and this attribution has not been given to the various groups of volunteers operating on the territory. It is stated that the firefighters are trained to emergency medical services; on the contrary, ministerial circular in the case of absence of the medical staff, they are obliged to practise all the manoeuvres in order to rescue the people. Unfortunately, the usual confusion of rules and laws (or perhaps for the mere defence of our own backyard), the training package (which is identical to that of the rescuers of the ambulance), it is not recognized by the various regional companies of the 118. Consequently, you will generate delays and confusion in the same rescue operations. Another chapter is that of the use of the aircraft. We notice more and more often a use of at, in our opinion, unjustified, on events of dubious seriousness


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