Just news on the coronavirus in the afternoon of the italians: the programs lose you listen, you try another


Published on Apr 03, 2020


If it is true that the audience grows, the italians are forced to the house and often choose to turn on the tv to have a bit of company, it is also true that in a month from the beginning of the emergency coronavirus in italy, we are all a little tired of seeing on the small screen, always the same things. A premise of obligation: we must thank those who are putting the whole of his professionalism going on the air live, not only conductors, but also all the people working at the implementation of a program by the sent to the cameramen. If, however, a month ago, in full emergency was just improvising links skype, to inform, to speak of the virus, this global pandemic, over 30 days from the beginning of everything, the italians start to tire. Too many news, always the same things. For those who want to have real-time information there are channels all news, always-on, among other things. For those who want a framework on the dramatic situation that Italy is experiencing, there are the press conferences from officials, there are the data of the national Institute of Health, those of civil protection; there is the bulletin of the 18, there are the official data coming from the portals in the line.

And do you really need that programs like The life in direct, Afternoon 5 ( but also in the Morning 5 and the Italian Stories) continue on the same path taken now by weeks? Serving of new weight. It is true that it is more difficult. No guests, no programs to comment. But it is also true that via skype you could make beautiful interviews. And then why not go back in the drawing-room? With the utmost caution, of course. Yesterday in the studio of a clean sweep on La7 there were 4 guests in addition to the conductor that , with the right distances, have regained a semblance of normality to the program. In the study of Friends come every week, the prof, are six, Al Bano and Romina, and the three judges outside. Then work is still possible. And then, why not give to the public only two interviews per day, of those in which a guest tells it all really, does not show us only a small corner of his house as pious would in any case on Instagram, where everything these days, among other things, has moved on.

We are all attentive to the news, we want to know, we want to be informed this is true. But not necessarily 24 hours a day with the same things, every day. You must ambiare gear and can also be inferred by the audience. If, in fact, until the past week Afternoon 5 and live life catalizzavano even 3 million viewers in front of the tv ( getting much worse than normal), this week the forgiveness of the new pieces on the way, and the ratings are lowered, returning to give numbers similar to those that the programs you record normally.

We take into account the data auditel April 2, 2020

On Bbc1 Journal of the House marks 1.860.000 viewers with 8.5%. Live Life 1.941.000 spectators equal to 9.5% of the audience, in the first part. and 2.293.000 spectators equal to 13.4% in the second part aired from 15.07. The Paradise of the Lord has convinced 2.651.000 viewers with 16.5%. Life Direct has collected 2.507.000 viewers with 14% (presentation: 1.872.000 – 11.7%).

On Channel 5, where the absence of Men and Women weighs a ton ( among other things perhaps it would be time to broadcast the episodes previously recorded) same fate for Barbara d'urso.

Afternoon Five 2.216.000 viewers (13.1%), in the first part, 2.414.000 viewers (12.6%), in the second part, and 2.412.000 viewers (12%) in the last part of the short-term.

It is urgent to change gear, it'll come or we'll continue like that until may?

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