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Published on Oct 16, 2018


Bandai Namco Entertainment, in the course of the weekend, has allowed a close circle of selected to try the first version of the Beta test dedicated to the highly anticipated Jump-Force, the video game produced by Spike Chunsoft that combines in a unique and boundless context of the heroes and the leading characters of the manga series that have reached their planetary success, thanks to the serialization on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published by Shueisha.

The game's combat arenas 3D 3vs3 is produced to celebrate the glorious 50 years of the weekly magazine, and we certainly don't need to be an expert on manga and anime to know that many of the characters of the cartoons that we watched as children were born in a paper version in black-and-white. The game combines the great heroes of the memorable, by Goku of Dragon Ball, going for Naruto in the manga series of Naruto up to the Pegasus Saint Seiya, and many others.

We MangaForever we have had the opportunity to try the first test and in the next lines you can discover our impression on a title that is revealed day after day, one of the most anticipated.

As soon as it entered the Jump Force we recognize immediately that the fighting game crossover has nothing to do with the predecessor J-Stars Victory Vs.

Jump Force, he demonstrated its features aiming at getting recognition for a title that combines freedom of movement, variability, personality and, above all, lots of barrel in pure japanese style, with a fighting epic, which till now was only possible to hypothesize.

Jump Force is presented with a system of character customization, and, before jumping in the fray, the system offers us a choice of 6 avatars, each of which blends the main characteristics of the leading characters of the anime: for example, an avatar may have the armor of Saiyan, another costume for Sasuke Uchiha, and so on. Once selected, the avatar will go in the huge lobby, fully-explorable (the plant location, even in the selection of the mode of the game, it looks very similar to the saga Xenoverse video game Dragon Ball).

We will simply fight and all the other modes are not provided for the test. Once close to the combat mode, the system proposes to fight against the CPU or online. If we choose online before you will start a tutorial.

The choice of Bandai Namco make the beta a try also offline is to be admired, as is meeting the needs of those who do not have an Internet connection so excellent that I can enjoy decent gaming sessions, thus avoiding slowdowns and quit sudden on the part of the opponents.

The selected mode of combat, the test offers us a good 15 playable characters: Goku, Vegeta, Freeza (Dragon Ball), Luffy, Zoro, Blackbeard (One Piece), Naruto, Sasuke (Naruto), Seiya of Pegasus (Saint Seiya), Ichigo, Rukia (Bleach), Gon, Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter), Yusuke and Younger So (Yu Yu Hakusho). In addition, there are three arenas of battle: New York, planet Namek, and the Matterhorn. Once you have selected the team from the three warriors against the other three, the fight begins.

The characters are such and such as to their counterparts in the manga and anime, but the thing that is most striking this time is their stretch realistic that turns them almost into a model close to the "real" human being.

The game gives undoubtedly the best when the fists collide. Each character has a large different that is divided into two distinct parts: basic commands and techniques. In the basic commands are present, the possibility of attacks, light and/or heavy with punches, kicks, dash, parries, and combinations that trigger of the scenes in the movement performed by the CPU of the video game. The techniques, however, are four for each of the characters playable and can be activated after filling in our character's energy (by holding down R2) and, when it will be enough, we will be able to choose one and hurt the opponent.

Each of the characters has four techniques, each more powerful than the first, but the most powerful of all, which is the technique the supreme, is the one generated by the union of keys R2 and X.

In the course of the combat seems to be serious about controlling those characters that we loved (and that we love to see One Piece) to watch on television. Each character is designed to reflect what is and techniques, as well as various moves low, are faithfully taken from the manga of origin. Every hit will be too complicated to dodge it, so very often we will be forced to cash it, but, when it comes to run it, we have the perception of all the explosive power of certain attacks (like the Chidori of Sasuke, or the Technique of the Three Swords to Zoro).

As anticipated, for those who has an Internet connection, excellent will with not a little discomfort at the conclusion of a match, maybe you will also lose. On the other hand, the online mode is much more fun and competitive, from the time that the offline mode has a difficulty level that is very low and will be hard to miss, but the beauty of this freedom allows you to dissect the different characters selected in the team.

Being a Beta, it is natural to encounter problems of slowdowns or texture zigzagate and poorly defined, especially in outline of the polygons. However, this will be the subject of development by Spike Chunsoft before the game's release in February 2019.

The techniques of any character are not invented, but are loyal to those created by the author. Between the park moves in mind some will be of the assault, such as the Red Hawk Luffy, some impetus in the pure style of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and others, hear, of awakening. Exact, also the Jump Force and boasts some of the techniques of awakening that is activated after that the life of our hero has reached a critical level.

Before activating the technique, the awakened (which is usually the most recent, which is activated with R2, and X), you must first perform a kind of evolution that starts with the key R3. For certain characters the awakening materializes with the same evolution. For example, Goku fights in normal mode, but pressing the awakening will turn into a Super Saiyan, and the character will remain advanced until the entire duel will not end, literally. It means that, once processed you will never go back, not even between the break of one round and the other.

The awakening also results of different techniques in your arsenal.

Still, who does not have an evolution from the awakening, you can get it after you perform the final move. Consideration of Naruto Uzumaki, his ultimate technique triggers the mode control of the Fox's Nine Tails united to the power of the Hermit of the Six Paths. The hero of the Leaf, after having made a sign to the technique will continue his match in this very same mode and will not come back to the stadium to normal. This, in our opinion, it is a implement applied to it after the many requests by fans from the moment that in several previous games returning to the stadium as normal after a technical to a certain level (the saga Storm video game, Naruto).

Therefore, once awakened, we will be able to immediately hurl our special technique that could allow us a comfortable victory.

The combat is very fiery, bloody, and violent, so much so that if you suffer damage, the signs you will encounter on the body of our hero, to accentuate the realism. However, sometimes the sequences for the combos are so fast, do not fully understand if we are doing a kick or a punch. Maybe a sequences with less speeding, would allow for an experience of realism even more.

Jump Force is a title that only allows you to play with teams of three characters and these are fundamental need, also people from media. In fact, if in battle we will have problems, just hold down the L2 button and immediately the first character to be useful will come in our help. Otherwise it is possible to replace the characters of the team simply by pressing slightly the same key.

The arenas are another focal point, and the predominant action of the game. The factor of 3D takes on a life of its own thanks to arenas for the first time, combine the characteristic places of our reality to those fictitious manga and anime, and not only. As anticipated, the Beta features three arenas, that is, New York city, especially Time Square, the Matterhorn, a famous mountain in the Italian Alps, and Possibly, one of the most important planets of the manga Dragon Ball.

Of course, this is a trial version of the game and are not present all of the content. There are arenas very suggestive, as the union of the Brooklyn bridge and the Valley of the Epilogue of the manga of Naruto.

The arenas are wide, but not dispersive, in fact, the two characters that fight are perfectly integrated in the action and everything that surrounds us, not only lives, but wetsuit




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