Jump Force and the games of "Weekly Shonen Jump"


Published on Feb 08, 2019


As we said, is not the first time that different characters have appeared on Weekly Shonen Jump are found to collide in the arena of a video game.

In fact, the highly anticipated title developed by Spike Chunsoft boasts three illustrious predecessors. Two published by Ganbarion for the Nintendo DS, Jump Super Stars and Ultimate Stars, and the third developed by Spike Chunsoft for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, J-Stars Victory VS, and then re-released to the west under the name of J-Stars Victory Vs+ for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Today we are going to deepen the knowledge of these three titles that have led the way to the JUMP FORCE in order to get a better idea of what awaits us at the exit of the next masterpiece of the house Bandai Namco.

Let's start by the first out, Jump Super Stars is a 2D fighting games released for the Nintendo DS in 2005, developed by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo. This game has a gameplay that is very reminiscent of Super Smash Bros., with a staggering 32 stage of the battle, and a rooster of characters is very impressive, well-160, although not all are playable.

In fact, it is divided into: 34 battle koma, 47 support koma, 74 help koma and 3 special koma. The battle koma are obviously the ones that we will be able to select to fight, the support koma will appear on the screen to help the protagonist, or by performing an attack is to give him energy, finally, help koma are used to give upgrades, but they will not appear on the screen.

In each game, we will be able to use more characters fighters, and we will be able to select them with a deck, as in games of cards, where we shall have a number limit that we have to balance depending on the capabilities of which we would like to use.

Jump Super Stars was a huge success in the land of the rising sun, so much so that in the first week of release it became the game that has sold more and more quickly, until the launch of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Unfortunately, however, this title, as its result, you do not have seen the light in Europe and America, and then in the west you could play only by resorting to the import of the title in the original language.


The following year, precisely on November 23, 2006, came the sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars, developed by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo, always Nintendo DS.

Compared to the predecessor and have added several new features, such as compatibility with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and the addition of some of the most famous characters of the old manga published by Jump, as for example Captain Tsubasa (Holly e Benji) and Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac), as well as new characters of the manga already present in the previous title, as Renji and Rukia of Bleach, and Freezer of Dragon Ball.

The game system has remained almost identical to its predecessor, even here there is a real plot, with an evil entity that has taken some of the characters from their respective worlds by mixing the various galaxies. To put things in place we need to go ahead in various stages classic 2D fighting games.

The characters of this title to reach the mammoth figure of 298, but as in the previous good part are not directly playable. For complete Jump Ultimate Stars a little more than 6 hours, but to make evolve each character we will have to repeat several times the missions, which lengthens the longevity, in addition to the already mentioned multiplayer.


Finally we come to the third title that brings together it, too, the different characters that have appeared on Weekly Shonen Jump. This in particular, maybe you can define a real father of the Jump Force, as, for starters, is released on the home consoles, and then is the fruit of the same developers and distributors.

His name is J-Stars Victory Vs is a fighting three-dimensional developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Namco Bandai Games on march 19th 2014 in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and released then in the West, with the title J-Stars Victory Vs+, in the summer of 2015, for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

This title was created on the occasion of the fortyfifth anniversary of the birth of the magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump" and puts the characters from the head of the japanese. In all there are 52 fighters, belonging to 32 manga different. The arenas are not in large number, only 12, but well-characterized and differentiated between them, with a perimeter which is square or circular, with a very large area and special characteristics.

In the game you face a series of combat missions and you have to search specific objects in famous locations related to the fictional universes of the manga, and at the beginning, you choose whether to impersonate Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo or Toriko. From the narrative point of view, unfortunately, the game doesn't stand out for originality or variety, and maybe this is the Achilles heel of the title, an aspect that many hope will be more accurate in Jump Force.

As for the gameplay instead, it is perhaps the diamond point of the game, with a combat system really fun and immediate, but not shallow. For example, push buttons at random to win the meetings is not a choice fruitful, but it is necessary to take advantage of the characteristics and the combo of your character to turn the fight to your advantage.

The park moves is truly vast and also includes several animations of the specific attacks of each character seen in the manga or in the anime, and this makes the spectacle on the screen, a marvel without precedent, with the arenas full of details in which they interact perfectly in the contenders in combat.


In conclusion we can say that J-Stars Victory Vs+ is without a doubt a great starting point for the exit of the Jump Force, a solid basis and the experience gained with this game, as well as the feedback of the fans, will play for sure in favour of the success of this title.

After this short historic survey we can say that we are even more loads of expectations and anticipation for the arrival of Jump Force, one of the projects ambitions in the genre ever landed on the console. There are little resorts also the fifty years from the birth of "Weekly Shonen Jump", and certainly this event was not random, as it is the duo's award-winning Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft, which will give us something spectacular and memorable with which to play.

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