Jumanji 3: Danny DeVito and Danny Glover in the cast


Published on Jan 18, 2019


According to what reported by Variety, two of the stars of Hollywood are ready to join the cast of the upcoming movie of Jumanji: Danny DeVito and Danny Glover would, in fact, signed the contract for the film, so going to join actors such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan. Among the many roles played by DeVito, as many recall, there appears to be one of the Penguin, in Batman returns (Tim Burton, while Danny Glover has starred in Escape from Alcatraz and Lethal Weapon.

Earlier, in an interview with Slashfilm, the director, Jake Kasdan has revealed that the new Jumanji will have many more references to the films of ’95 compared to Welcome to the Jungle, which relaunched the franchise.

“It will be largely the sequel of Welcome to the Jungle with Jumanji 3 we also want to ensure continuity with the first film, we love the idea that they are all one big universe that is connected,” says the director.

The production of the third chapter of the saga began at the end of June, as announced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with a post on Instagram. The release date is currently set for December 13, 2019, as confirmed by the director.

Officially planting our JUMANJI flag. On DECEMBER 13th, 2019 – the game is not over. I hold JUMANJI-very close to my heart and I'm beyond grateful you made our movie into the global juggernaut ($1BILLION+) it became. Can't wait for you to see what our new adventure & new characters have in store as Christmas comes early. And once again, I get to slap @kevinhart4real's lip's into next week. The world is happy. #FearTheDrums #TheGameIsNotOver #JUMANJI DECEMBER 13th, 2019

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“Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages...the sequel to Jumanji is currently in production,” reads the caption of the image sees the actor in a meeting with the production, including director Jake Kasdan and writers Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, all three already committed to Sony for the previous film.

Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle, the first film of this new saga, the reboot, was one of the best film in 2017, with a budget of $ 90 million available to it managed to collect about $ 951 million worldwide.


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