Juliana and Michael of 90 days to fall in love with they are still together? Age does not matter


Published on Apr 26, 2020


Is going on the air in Italy these days on the Real Time the seventh season of 90 days to fall in love, and in the first episodes episodes, we started to get to know the couples. Among these, also Juliana, the beautiful brazilian model, and her boyfriend Micheal, american entrepreneur who lost his head for her after having known in a holiday in Croatia. Michael has done everything to bring Juliana in the Usa and to marry her in 90 days so you can start a new life with her. But what happened to the two of you are married? They are still together? We will tell you about in this article is entirely dedicated to them. So if you don't want to know all the details on this pair, not to go ahead with the read!

We can tell you that, as we will see in the episode of 90 days to fall in love in the air today 26 April 2020, Juliana and Michael have managed to get the visa boyfriends. The beautiful brazilian model has arrived and then in America with his visa and has started life at the side of Michael. Also the sons of Jessen were very happy to welcome Juliana and the model is inserted very well in the family, so well that the ex-wife of Michael will have something to say about it.

And in the end, Michael and Juliana were married, on the social, we are all of the photos of the wedding, a ceremony in grand style as the two wanted to celebrate a great love. On the day of the wedding, the children, Michael seemed very happy: the small was the bridesmaid and the boy has done his part. Of course, this also the ex-wife of Michael with his companion. An extended family that seems to be at the moment, work.

Here is a picture posted on the page Instagram to Michael Jessen

The two are still together and are very happy, as you can see on their social profiles. In this particular moment they are facing together in the quarantine as other millions of people around the world. But it seems that their love is stronger than everything.

About the quarantine, there is also another couple that is born in the seventh season of 90 days to fall in love that is scared by the coronavirus

In short, the love story between Juliana and Michael goes to swollen sails, and the age difference that there is between the two does not seem to be a problem at all.

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