Journey in the great beauty with Cesare Bocci on Channel 5: when will be aired?


Published on Dec 07, 2019


We prepare to enter the typical programming of Christmas and also Mediaset offers the first evening different from the usual. If not there will be changes in programming the so-called “gifts” for Christmas 2019, to December is expected to air the special Trip to the Big Beauty with Cesare Bocci. Channel 5 seeking the his Alberto Angela, and gives the audience an evening of culture a few days before Christmas. Journey in the great beauty should go on the air on December 17, 2019 in the early evening on Channel 5. But as you can imagine, there are many changes in the programming, even last minute.

However we will keep you updated!

We find, however, some more details on this trip of which Cesare Bocci will be exceptional guide. The actor, busy between the tv and the theater, is certainly very loved by the public. To him the arduous task of bringing the beautiful, in a tv more and more trash.

You really still knows very very little about this program aired on Channel 5, but it seems that the journey will take the audience in Rome, more precisely in the City of the Vatican. From the very few advances on this format, we know that Cesare Bocci ( engaged, among other things, for a tv series for Mediaset, which we will see in 2020) will be at the helm of this project is dedicated to the telling of the beauties of the vatican; the Vatican, heritage of treasures of art, religion and culture. It's not often that Mediaset decides to televise this kind of products but, because of the success that Alberto Angela has had on Rai 1 with Ulysses, with the special Tonight.. and it may happen that also the public of the Channel 5 is to bring a cultural journey. Of art in the Vatican there is in every stone, in every corner, in every room. For where there is so much to tell. We will see how will they do it Mediaset and Cesare Bocci!

We'll see if in the next few days, Mediaset will give more news about this program and as always, we will keep you updated!

The appointment, remember, should be for the 17 December 2019 on Canale 5 in prime time.

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