Journey in the Great Beauty listen to the miraculous with Cesare Bocci, more than a communicator of the narrator and the ferryman


Published on Dec 19, 2019


It will not be among the best programs in the prime time in terms of listening, but seeing that for Live talking about records with an average of 2 million viewers, for Cesare Bocci, we can speak of a miracle! The journey of Great Beauty-Special Vatican record an interesting listen, if we compare it to the data of the prime time Channel 5 ( not to those of Rai 1 for example). But the miracle, listen to the part, is that Cesare Bocci knows how to really conquer the audience. And the comparison with Alberto Angela was clearly around the corner, saw that already before the airing of the program you're looking for similarities between the two. In reality, the great product, Mediaset stands out from the travels of Alberto Angela for the choices made. Cesare Bocci is not an orator but knows how to be a storyteller, the listener and the ferryman. Listen to the experts that do it to immerse themselves in his journey, is the ferryman of this information to the public at home and try to get to the audience what he is seeing with his own eyes, in this case, the great beauty of the Vatican. It is a face clean, a great professional, an actor, and it shows. And this is the strong point in the choice of Cesare Bocci, who turns out to be perfect for the program. If you had chosen a journalist, or a character with traits that are more similar to Alberto Angela, we talked about the bad copy, in this case we are dealing with something different.

The quality of the images, the directing, the music selection, is of a high standard. The Mediaset trial to bring the culture on Channel 5 and we can seen that the ratings are excellent.

And we can also say that the Rai has also made a own goal with his spin move to the first evening than the 21,30. The audience begins to get tired and move elsewhere. Not surprisingly, the docu-fiction in the wave yesterday, with Alessio Boni, in the role of Ambrosoli, sinks. It takes advantage of Channel 5.

But we see the numbers.

Giorgio Ambrosoli – The Price of Courage has conquered 2.478.000 spectators, equal to 11.9% of the share.

On Channel 5, Travel in the Great Beauty – The Vatican has collected in front of the video 2.327.000 spectators equal to 12.4% of the share.

On Rai3 anyone Who has Seen it? gathered in front of the video 2.099.000 viewers, equal to a market share of 10.7%.

The podium of the first evening, the 18th of December 2019.

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