Jony Ive: “I speak to You of Apple Park, AirPods, and... Star Wars!”


Published on Jul 26, 2017


The Chief Design Officer of Apple, Jony Ive spoke with the Wall Street Journal, and has released some interesting declarations about the Apple Park and on the vision of Steve Jobs.

Ive told you to be fully satisfied with the works carried out at Apple Park, by defining the new campus as a “really nice” and adding that she's experiencing the same emotions and the same hint of anxiety that has when you finish a product and prepares for launch.


Jony Ive and Steve Jobs have shared so many years of work and friendship, also thanks to the love common to the design. The two spoke for some time of Apple Park, examining the various books and designing various types of architecture. In the end, the two found themselves in agreement on the type of the final design of the new campus: “you Can talk about architecture in terms of scale, functionality and materials. But the delineation of the final is a much more soft boundaries that mark our experience.“

Like Jobs, Ive does not like the structure of the campus that are located in the Silicon Valley: “Many of the buildings that are constructed are products of different cultures, typically software. You create a sort of prototype, you try to use it and understand what funiona and what not, without having a vision of the whole“.

Ive admits that the AirPods of Apple and their design are rooted in the “Star Wars“. The same Ive had a certain influence in the last film of the saga, especially as regards the design of the lightsabers. Ive spoke with the director J-J Abrams and on one occasion told him that he would have preferred to see the lightsabers more “rough” and “shoot sparks”. Abrams married that idea to the film “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens”. The same Ive, then, has confessed to the director that the earphones AirPods have been inspired by the Stormtroopers of the original 1977.

Apple has defined the main campus as a “spaceship” because of its shape to the ship, always taking as a base the Star Wars saga. Ive said that the design team will be one of the last to move to the new campus in the fall. The idea of a campus is that employees can walk where they want to and meet all in one place. The parking lots are close to the main building that employees can get to on foot. In the campus will be provided with the bike, shuttles for commuters and golf carts-electric.

Also very important is the Steve Jobs Theater, which will be hosting internal meetings, events, seminars and concerts. Throughout the campus, the major protagonists are the trees, as wanted by Steve Jobs.



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