Jony Ive and the silence on the Apple Car: "we don't want that copy"


Published on Oct 21, 2018


Jony Ive, head of design team of Apple, was interviewed by Nicholas Foulkes, the Financial Times and has provided details on topics such as Apple Watch, Apple Park, and... the Apple Car!

Ive has first confirmed that, from the beginning, the idea of Apple was to transfer the entire design team (9,000 people) to the new headquarters, Apple Park:

It's always been the plan. When you transfer 9,000 people, don't do it in a single day. It is an event-weighted and important, because it means leaving a studio with decades of history, where we designed and built the first prototypes. It is the studio where I went back in the day of the death of Steve. And it is the place where we have “made” the iPhone and the iPod.

With regard to the much-rumored project related to Apple Car, Ive unfortunately not unbuttoned. He, however, said that it is important to work on the challenges related to each new product, but without talking about it publicly, so that others can copy the idea:

We explore so many ideas and technologies for products and services. Some companies exploit this as a public relations tool, but we are not. If you're genuinely working on something, it is better to work and deal with their problems rather than talk about it publicly. It is important that our ideas remain such for as long as possible, to try to postpone that moment will be copied – something that history suggests.

Talking about Apple Watch, Jony Ive describes it as a “computer that is really powerful”:

I think it is a computer that is really powerful, with a range of sensors, very sophisticated, all on my wrist. We faced the same challenges with that product called iPhone. Of course, the capabilities of the iPhone go far beyond the functions of what we traditionally call the phone.

What do you think of the words of Ive on the Apple Car and on the secrecy linked to the project? Have your say in the comments.

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