Jonathan Hickman wants to resign from the X-Men


Published on Nov 29, 2019


If a person is completely unpredictable, that is Jonathan Hickman. The writer moves especially in his comics, working on complex strategies of storytelling and world building, but recently Hickman is revealing all of his character on twitter, and her latest revelation has left us all open-mouthed.

Hickman has given new life to the franchise of the X-Men but apparently, despite the excellent response of the fans, the writer has wrong-footed everyone by revealing to be already tired to direct the revival, he admitted sarcastically that he is doing everything he can to get fired.

If you're unhappy with me writing X-men, I want you to listen closely: I'm doing everything I can, every single day, to get fired. They just won't do it.

— Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) November 27, 2019

“If you're disgruntled that I write the X-Men, I want to listen to me carefully: I Am doing everything possible, every single day, for me to dismiss. But they will not do it.”

Following the shocking revelation of the screenwriter, Jordan White, a publisher of titles dedicated to the X-Men has confirmed that Hickman is telling the truth.

I wish he were lying.

— Jordan D. White (@cracksh0t) November 27, 2019

“I would like that same as lying.”

If Hickman were to be fired, many fans would inevitably be disappointed and upset. In particular, those who started reading X-Men since the revival of the House of X and a Power of X, but, unexpectedly, another cartoonist spoke on the question, that Rob Liefeld, an artist known principally for having designed graphically Deadpool. In September, when the Power of X and House of X were still in course of publication, Liefeld has posted a video on Instagram, where he criticized the revival of Hickman, here's what he said exactly:

“Oh, by the way, if you are reading today's comic of the X-Men, don't you feel a little abandoned by them? For example, these are much better. Byrne. Claremont. Austin. The top of all time. Okay. Much better. There is action, things happen, there are consequences. People do not talk to other people, blah blah blah blah blah.”

I discuss my favorite comic books #2-4! #xmen #avengers #wolverine #cyclops #storm #phoenix #thor #ironman #captainamerica #marvel #robliefeld

A post shared by Rob Liefeld (@robliefeld) on Sep 6, 2019 at 5:51pm PDT

That was not even the first time that Liefeld expressed his opinion not really positive about the X-Men and Hickman. In fact, the first time he had joked on Twitter wondering who would be re-launched again in X-Men the next year.

Who is relaunching the X-MEN next year? I mean, it's an annual ritual, right?

— robliefeld (@robertliefeld) November 6, 2019


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