Jonathan Hickman: “I Believe that the previews of the comics should not exist”


Published on Nov 11, 2019


If there is a writer out of the box, the latter responds to the name of Jonathan Hickman. This is certainly a writer to be more innovative. While the authors write a mini series of 6 numbers, for the relaunch of the X-Men, Hickman has taken the same amount of history by conceiving of the 12 numbers, divided between two different mini series: House of X and Power of X.

Unlike the other writers, between the pages of a comic Hickman there are many charts and notes in-depth. It is unusual, however, the style of Hickman has rejuvenated effectively the interests of the readers vis-à-vis the X-Men, his current work and most recent.

But the author has not yet ceased to upset the field in which he works. On Twitter, Hickman revealed that he does not believe particularly in the most important aspect of the promotion of the comics: previews, as defined in the united States with the term preview.

Sorry, I can't answer any questions you have about previews of an upcoming book. I believe previews, it shouldn't exist and that you shouldn't read them. I know any answers would have to wait until the actual books are out.

Of course that's if I answered questions at all, which I don't.

— Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) November 7, 2019

In reference to this topic, here is the thought Hickman:

Sorry, I can Not answer any of your questions about preview of a comic output. I think that previews should not exist and that you do not have to read them. In this way, any response should wait for the comic in question is released.

Of course, if I answer all the questions, I don't it.

In the above tweet, the writer was far too clear, and from a certain point of view it is impossible to blame him. Previews are a great way to promote the release of a comic book, however in most cases you are likely to reveal the key moments that the author has thought for the story, and so spoil the surprise to many fans.

It will be perhaps for this reason that the previews of House of X and a Power of X have not been many on the part of Marvel?

Power of X #1), the second piece of the relaunch of the mutants of Hickman, will be released in Italy on November 14th.

Jonathan Hickman: “I Believe that the previews of the comics should not exist” is




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