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Published on Dec 06, 2019


The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo is a manga, historical, created in 1997 by the mind and hand of the Master, Hirohiko Araki, who has returned strongly to the fore after the resounding success of the Wind the Golden mean, the last season of the anime, which you can see in a way that is completely legal and FREE on VVVVID.

I had the immense pleasure of being able to review every single episode of the anime, and if any of you have ever read my review of JoJo's, you already know that sometimes my votes are a bit... bizarre, like 10.4/10, 10.6/10 or Leone/10.

This is because JoJo is a work that in most occasions it proves to be definitely innovative, out-of-scale and out of the head, so if you appreciate the anime and have never read the manga, or if you are collectors who already own several editions of the paper format of JoJo, this is your best opportunity to relive the bizarre (dis)adventures of the family Joestar!


Made famous by the bizarre poses of his characters and by the numerous citations, especially in the world of music, The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo is a saga of generations where each series is at the same time connected to the others and autoconclusiva.

The graphic style of the Master Araki in this first series, known as Phantom Blood, here is a little more bare-bones than the one subsequently adopted, but simply because the same is in continuous mutation and evolution, revealing the deep love for the innovation of this bizarre manga.

The protagonist of Phantom Blood is the first JoJo, Joseph Joestar, a wealthy English guy whose spends, all told, quietly, until the arrival of a little boy to say the least, cruel to be adopted by his father, dio Brando, whose name is inspired to the one of Ronnie James dio (which also explains why GOD you write with all capital letters), and Marlon Brando.

The mechanism perhaps the most bizarre of JoJo, as well as the one that has inspired countless other manga, from One Piece to the My Hero Academia, which is that of the Stand, was not yet conceived at the time of Phantom Blood, as a further demonstration of the continuous evolution of the history of this saga.

The narrative, therefore, takes place in a very different way from the later series, but I guarantee that is certainly not without charm.


JoJonium 01 is the first of three volumes in which it was divided the first saga of the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, which is Phantom Blood.

In this fantastic edition of the Star Comics, the first part of the manga has been contained in a single volume, with pagination to the east, with much of the reading guide for those who are not accustomed to reading the manga, proceeding from right to left.

The cover material hardback is visually very beautiful, also very sturdy and the pages, rather thick, give an additional sense of solidity and robustness.

The size of the volume makes it not too bulky, but at the same time the plates are quite large and very clear and well visible; in addition, there are also some beautiful color pages.

Finally, after you have finished reading the manga you can also enjoy the small, special insert titled, Hirohiko Araki reveals the secrets of the birth of its characters, thanks to which you will also discover behind the scenes of the creative process of the Master, at the base of his creations.


JoJonium 01 Edizioni Star Comics is a worthy tribute to the magnificence without equal of the work of Hirohiko Araki, an all-new edition of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo that can not miss in the collections of fans of this legendary manga that it is still school.

JoJonium 01 is also the best way for new fans to get closer to the manga and start collecting the different outputs from the first, the unforgettable saga of Phantom Blood.

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