JoJolion, the eighth part of JoJo's goes to the the saga final


Published on Aug 19, 2018


In the course of an interview to the Yahoo web site, Hirohiko Araki has spoken of his JoJolion, the eighth part of the long-running saga of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo.

In particular, the master has stated that the manga is on the verge of enter in his narrative arc final, and he explained that when he began a series does not decide immediately how it will end: the ideas they come whilst drawing and the same is true for history in general, or fighting the small-scale developments.

In Japan JoJolion is in the course of serialization on the pages of the monthly seinen manga in Ultra Jump from Shueisha from May 19, 2011 and has so far 18 volumes.

In Italy is in course of publication for the Editions Star Comics (15 volumes at the moment):

“For the octave, and the brand new series of JoJo, the master Araki brings us back to Morio-cho, but in the dimension of Steel Ball Run! After a violent cataclysm, the city has been completely disrupted, and the area has undergone a change in morphological awesome. On the coast a girl is a young fully naked, wearing only a hat from a sailor. Buried under a pile of earth, for the unfortunate, you can see only one desire in the shape of a star... it Seems that it's Yoshikage Kira!”

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JoJolion, the eighth part of JoJo's goes to the saga at the end is of




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