Johnny Depp: his decisive response to the allegations


Published on Sep 10, 2019


The spot of the actor for Dior has received criticism online

In the past few days, in a blizzard, yet another, hit on Johnny Depp. The reason for this? A commercial for a perfume Dior judged by the public not only racist, but also a striking example of cultural appropriation at the expense of the american indians. The spot depicted is in fact a traditional dance the native americans. The problem? The name of the perfume: Sauvage, or “wild”. The association is not liked.

The actor, who only a few days ago he was in Italy on the occasion of the seventy-sixth edition of the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of the film Waiting for the Barbarians, Ciro Guerra, has chosen to defend by the sword the choices of the brand that chose him as a spokesperson, contestualizzandole.

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“A spot so short a concentration of images, and there were objections on the trailer of what is in reality a short film, which has never been shown,” said the Pirate cinema to the Hollywood Reporter. “There never has been, and how could it, no intention to be malignant or dishonorable. The film was made in the absolute respect of the indigenous populations not only in North America but around the world.”

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The themes of the spot may be considered to be similar to those addressed right from the new film of Johnny Depp. Wainting for the Barbarians is in fact an adaptation of the novel of the same name by J. M. Coetzee tells of the cruelty of colonialism. That is precisely why the actor has become so sensitive and passionate on the issue and has decided to defend with drawn sword, and in a conscious manner the choices of the great French brand?

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