John Grisham: Hulu will develop a shared universe based on his books


Published on Dec 06, 2018


Also Hulu is trying to get in the game by creating a shared universe dedicated to the works of John Grisham.

Deadline reports that Hulu will create two new series that are dramatic based on the books of Grisham, The man of the rain and The lawyer rogue for a single project, called provisionally “The Grisham the Universe“. These mark the beginning of a franchise more great.

The two series will be two shows that they follow a twisted plot, and other books will be developed in the series to promote that world. The characters appear in both shows, making each episode like a crossover, and the main villain of this narrative universe will be at the centre of events that occur in every show.

The performances, however, will be independent of one another and can be viewed “vertically” – following just one show, and an aspect of the story – or “horizontally” – watching both shows at the same time and seeing the story unfold in both series.

The project comes from ABC Signature, the subsidiary ABC Studios that focuses on cable services and streaming. The two series announced so far have been developed by Michael Seitzman (Quantum), Jason Richman and Grisham himself. Seitzman, Richman and Grisham will be executive producers with Christina Davis and the production company that the latter operates with Seitzman, Maniac Productions.


John Grisham: Hulu will develop a shared universe based on his books is




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