John Ciacci, leaves Dancing with the stars 2018: on social announces his retirement


Published on Apr 09, 2018


John Ciacci, leaves Dancing with the stars 2018: these are the latest news on the program of Rai 1. This afternoon in the direct of that Fact, John Ciacci, he had already expressed his torment to Caterina Balivo, saying that he was thinking about the retreat. The presenter had tried to pull over the morale of his travel companion in the program of Rai 2, helped also by Raimondo Todaro, but it seems that the words of the Bailiff are not served to much. John Ciacci, in fact, has decided to leave Dancing with the stars and announces it via social to the many fans that in these weeks they followed it up with a lot of affection by cheering for him. The aspiring dancer had told him this afternoon feeling very tried after the most recent episode of Dancing with the stars, that he would talk with Milly Carlucci and then made a decision. His arguments are not only related to physical problems, but apparently, he played a lot on the psychological aspect and the stress that he had in these last weeks, probably because of the load of responsibility she felt on him.

Here is the message of John Ciacci posted on social a few minutes ago ( 9 April 2018)

I have experienced moments better. The illness is due to emotion, fatigue. Dancing enters into the stomach. They are really very experienced.
There is too much pressure and you are involving too many people, so I'm going to speak with the production and Milly Carlucci.I want to leave Dancing with the Stars because there is too much pressure. I don't feel like go ahead, I'm sorry. I don't feel it. I know I give you a disappointment to all but not me I feel it more.I feel on the shoulders, a weight that I until Saturday I had never felt. This thing about the tango, and this exchange of roles has been very strong. Because there is so much waiting, people stopped me, saying to me: ‘Look, you are dancing for me’. I don't feel this responsibility.” #milan #italy

At the time Raimondo Todaro, partner of John Ciacci has not commented on the decision of his “colleague” of the track.

For the moment there is no official communication on the part of the program, and imagine that Milly Carlucci will keep the secrecy until the episode of Saturday evening, also to create a proper expectation that in these cases, it is always helpful to all. John Ciacci, however, has announced his decision on social.

We think that the place of the competitor may enter one of the excluded we remind you that at the moment have been eliminated: Bill Diamont, Stefania Rocca and Christina Ich that would be certainly very happy to be back in the game.

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