Jo Squillo away to The Island of the Famous 2019 revealed the reason, will be back in the race?


Published on Jan 25, 2019


Yesterday evening, in the early evening on Channel Five, aired the first episode of The Island of the Famous 2019: the reality show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi, which, since its debut, it promises great plays. In the course of the appointment we have seen set sail towards the beaches of Cayo Cochinos the various competitors already presented in the press conference... all except for one: Jo Squillo.

In the course of the long, direct, Alessia Marcuzzi has had the opportunity to explain in a vague way why the tv presenter and fashion expert could not take part in the debut of the reality show: “for family reasons” he mentioned immediately after the launch from the helicopter of the trio composed by Kaspar Capparoni, Youma Diakite, and Luca Vismara. But what are the real the real reasons?

The reasons that led Jo Squillo not to take part in the first episode of The Island of the Famous have been unveiled this morning by the weekly Novella2000: in an article published on their website we read that the presenter was surprised by a sudden bereavement.

“I couldn't tell you in public this thing” – pareabbia told Jo Squillo to the director Roberto Alessi – “I lost my mom first, and then my dad following a mild stroke”. An event that has forced the presenter a period of mourning, letting them skip his commitment carefree in the warm beaches of Cayo Cochinos.

But now the doubt arises spontaneously: Jo Squillo will take part in the reality show of Channel Five? Maybe already next week? Or the processing of a mourning so important to the depart forever from this fourteenth edition of the program?

In the course of the direct of January 24, 2019, Alessia Marcuzzi it is wished to review Jo Squillo in the race already next Thursday but have to predict his return in the race is quite premature.

In the meantime, in that of Honduras, the game has taken the via between the first invention, the sguatteri of the Will of the Islanders and the first solemn televoting which puts at risk elimination, the actors Demetra Hampton, Kaspar Capparoni, and the influencer of the controversy Taylor Mega.

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