Jimmy Iovine interviewed by Variety about Apple's Music and original content


Published on Feb 08, 2017


The leader, Apple, Jimmy Iovine talked about Apple's Music during a long interview granted to the magazine Variety, leaving some clue on how and where the platform wants to evolve in the coming years.

Before I talk about technology, Iovine commented on the latest government decisions as president Trump, calling him a “boy fott***mind crazy.“

Apple has pushed a lot to get the exclusive rights to the various artists for the launch of Apple's Music, in spite of the strong criticism of the majority of record labels:

In spite of those criticisms, and some resistance, we aim and we will focus very much on the unique. There will also be a lot more, but at the moment we are only experimenting. I just know that if some artist wants a hand to market and promote his album, we can give him a hand

Iovine has then mentioned the difference between the flows streaming and free-payment with regard to the graphs listening:

Stream free cannot be weighted in the same way as a stream for a fee, I don't think there is a sane person can think otherwise. And this situation needs to be resolved, especially now that the albums appear only on the streaming services are allowed at the Grammy awards. A graph that shows the stream is free, supported by ads that are most listened to encourages artists to promote and sell a free song to get to the first place, but this is a great thing for technology companies, but not for artists. This will move the focus on the business and not on creativity, as the streams are free, supported by advertising, you are likely to reward those who produce a lot, and not who produces quality.

Iovine has issued any statement about the original content that Apple is preparing for its platform tvOS:

Our efforts in this way, absolutely do not want to enter into competition with Netflix. We are creating some original content such as a documentary on Dr. Dre and the spin-off Carpool Karaoke, to offer both the Apple TV and on Apple's Music. We offer music and video, and this has nothing to do with Netflix.




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