Jim This burn bridges with Marvel due to differences on Thanos


Published on Dec 20, 2017


From newsarama, we receive the news that the author of Marvel comics and creator of the villain Thanos, Jim This would be announcing his departure from Marvel Comics to differences over the management of the regular series dedicated to the villain.

In particular, the argument would have occurred between the writer and the executive director Tom Breevort; according to This the storyarc published currently in the regular series Thanos would have a plot too similar to the miniseries that the author would have to publish in April 2018 in a pair with artist Alan Davis, titled Thanos: The Infinity Sibilings, below the cover.

Here is the official declaration of the author, taken from his page Facebook:

” Just to put things clear, the Marvel Comics not has excluded me from any project, they have simply stated that we were interested in using me on any of the series tie-in linked to the film (Avengers: Infinity War) or to series regular. What I said and what I, however, would have prevented you from doing more work for Marvel was Tom Brevoort who approves a storyline for the ongoing series, that was more or less the same story of the graphic novel by Alan Davis and I are developing since last year. At the beginning Tom has denied giving his approval to the plot, when it turned out to be fake, is the past to support that there was nothing similar in the two plans: when it is not aired, he changed his story saying that it was all an accident. These excuses and justifications went on for a month, at which time the current artistic team of Thanos was too forward with the project to do something for the situation, too bad for me. Yes, Marvel Entertainment has treated me very well and generously, they love it.”

Words, rather harsh ones on This, that will surely make you think more on the editorial manager of Marvel at this time. Moreover, it seems unusual the choice to remove the creator of a character that is going to debut on the big screen and on which the hype is increasing among the fans day after day...

In any case, the author then seems to have permanently removed from the project on the comic book Thanos: the Infinity Sibilings, which, however, is still expected out in April 2018.

Jim This burn bridges with Marvel cause disagreements, Thanos is




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