Jim Reekes tells how was born the sound of the iPhone camera


Published on Mar 26, 2018


The former rain sounds designer of Apple, Jim Reekes, has released an interesting interview in which he recounted some of the anecdotes on the creation of sounds like the start of the Mac or the iPhone camera when making a shot.

The startup sound of the Mac is called “Sosumi“, but originally was born as a “Xulophone”. Only a lawsuit filed by the record label “Apple” of the Beatles forced the company to change the name of what has become one of the sounds of the most iconic in the field of computer science.

Reekes tells this anecdote: “I had the temptation to call that sound ‘Let it beep’ but of course I could not without the risk of being re-quoted. I have therefore invented Sosumi to recreate in a fun way that name. To the lawyers Apple, I said that it was one of the words in japanese without any implication of music. I was the one to make fun of my own lawyers!”.

Initially, the startup sound of the Mac was sharper, but then Reekes decided to rimodernarlo recording a C major chord with a synthesizer that he had at home, inspired by the end of the song “A Day in the Life” by the Beatles.

With regard to the audio of the screenshots, and the iPhone camera, it's about the sound slowed down the shot taken by the Canon AE-1 of the same Reekes: “Every time you take a photo with the iPhone is my camera, which makes me crazy because, I feel people taking pictures with his iPhone, I see someone that stole my camera.”

Despite being a protagonist of the story of Apple, Reekes is not as wealthy as some others of his colleagues, having left the company at the end of the ’90s as she sold “tens of thousands of Apple stock that I would bring in 8 million dollars today...”.

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