Jessica Mazzoli against Morgan: “he Was with Alessandra when I was pregnant...”


Published on Mar 03, 2020


Recently the news spread that Morgan would have presented to his mother, Luciana Colnaghi, a new companion, Alessandra Cataldo, who is pregnant. The singer has picked up a little the relations with the mother and, paradoxically, it seems that all the case with Bugo broke out in Sanremo has helped the relationship between mother and son. In fact the woman has given two interviews, one by the Governor and one from d'urso, in order to take the defenses of the child.

Luciana seems to be happy to Alessandra, a woman is very reserved. For Marco Castoldi, in arte Morgan, that the latter would be the third child. The singer is already father of Anna Lou, now a teenager, had with the first true love of his life, Asia Argento and the younger Lara, born from the relationship with Jessica Mazzoli.

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This last, which has always complained of the failure to the parental role of the former in respect of their child, could not do less than to comment on the matter. Sin (to Morgan) that his is not a simple comment, but an accusation, which – if demonstrated properly – would help to put Morgan or even more in a bad light and drag it once again in the cyclone of the scandal.

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“In order to avoid the proclamations ‘Holy now’ the time she's very reserved, Alessandra Cataldo, new girlfriend Morgan, I want to clarify that their relationship began back in October 2012 without my knowledge, when I was still twenty years old and pregnant at the eighth month of pregnancy”, is the one who writes the Mazzoli on a story published on his profile on Instagram. But the attack does not spare even the Colnaghi, guilty of having defined the niece, “That there of Sardinia”, words that have touched the hearts of Jessica's mom, who specified “That there of Sardinia, is your nephew and has a name: LARA”.

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