Jessica Lattuca breaking news: you look for his corpse in the wells


Published on Nov 14, 2018


In the next few hours, it will search for the corpse of Jessica Lattuca: are these the latest news coming from Favara. After the anonymous phone calls arriving in the last hour, the investigators did not have doubts: will go in search of the body of Jessica. They will do it in the indicated areas, in those wells that may hide a painful truth. In the episode of The live life aired today, 14 November 2018, the latest news of this disappearance and the appeals of the mother of Jessica.

To the microphones de " La vita in diretta mom of Jessica Lattuca says:

“I unfortunately believe in it, maybe someone took panic and decided to throw my daughter. My daughter is to be found in all the wells. The must search, must search better. All these calls could be true. We must not think that they are of the buffalo. We don't look at the scriptures, we do not believe the calls, what we must believe. My daughter nonc'is no trace I do not know more to who can I turn to. And’ a mother of 4 children, if there was the body, I at least I know where I have to go cry. Are three months that I'm not going to do it, I don't know if I must laugh if I cry if I have to die after her.”

And still:

“There are children who continue to ask me where is Jessica, so I do not know go ahead. My daughter must try here in Favara I'm sure that hold seized or that is dead and something happened. These calls continue to do maybe it is true. These three months have been terrible, now the children begin to understand and continue to ask questions. We do not know what to say to the little ones. Of them, however, have understood. They think that someone has taken the mother so that was nice. Not just because my grandchildren want mom. Make another torchlight maybe someone knows and can talk.”


Serena, another protagonist of this story, wants to distance itself from a statement that says that has never done:

“Lady Josephine, I have not said he saw Jessica on the evening of the disappearance, I did not say he saw her on a scooter with Ninì. I said that I had seen other days with him, not that night. I hope that it is alive and can go home.”

In the episode of The live life in the air today, were shown other examples of acquaintances who say that Jessica has told them a few days before disappearing. One woman in particular tells us that Jessica had said that if the went bad, and had been unlucky with men.

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