Jessica Lattuca and Giusy Pepi check the hypothesis of the serial killer: someone keeps them segregated?


Published on Nov 08, 2018


Two cases in some ways similar to other, very different, two cases of death that come from Sicily. They are stories of Homes, Pepi and Jessica Lattuca. The first is the disappearance from the Victory, for twenty days, and the second is the disappearance from Favara, on 12 August 2018. The two disappeared in less than 100 miles: is it really possible that behind these two stories; there is a serial killer? Many believe that these two women would be gone from home so on a voluntary basis, and that behind both disappearances there could be a serial killer. Is it really possible for a person to have studied the lives of these two women taking advantage of their weaknesses, and have taken away?

Two women, two mothers fragile: Jessica Lattuca mom of 4 children with a history take it and leave with his companion Russotto. Giusy Peppers, mother of 5 children, without a job, with a family to run. A woman that everyone talks about as a reserved person, shy, tied to her husband, almost dependent on him. Two women who seem to go out of the house and disappear into nothing. And there is also those who dare: two women, who called Ashraf and Jessica, two names that begin with the same letter.

It's really the case about a serial killer? At the moment, each hypothesis should be followed since the two women can not be found anywhere. Don't have money, they do not have documents, not two women are particularly brilliant. Of Giusy's friends say they couldn't even count the money.

The stories of these two women, however, are both very complicated. In the life of Jessica Lattuca, there may be a history of prostitution, a turn of money, movies hard, of blackmail. A difficult family situation, a young mother of 4 children. In the life of Giusy, a past that comes back heavily knocking at his door: a drug addiction, the need to find another way.

The family of Jessica and Giusy are convinced that the two women would not have left the children. Only David, the husband of Giusy he thinks his wife has moved away voluntarily. He is convinced that his wife has a lover.

And then there is the silence of two towns that do not want to talk Favara and Victory, that you hide behind the unspoken, behind the voices of the countries. Giusy and Jessica, two women fragile deluded by the promise of a better life may have trusted the wrong person? The mother of Jessica is in no doubt: there is a person who holds kidnapped his daughter. It really is this is the track to follow?

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